[YES] Jericho Obnix Raffle Head by Irmyia

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Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)4 - 6 Months

ETA AccuracyThere was no ETA given
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Review Date28 June 2021

RelationshipThe maker IS a friend
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ReviewerInstagram: glowing.caverns

Prior ExperienceNo, I own one older second hand suit and am a beginner maker.

Wear Time5+ Hours

Informed Maker of IssuesThere were no issues.

Jericho Raffle Head


ProjectThis item was a gift

Initial Contact: November 23rd 2020

Completion/Ship Date: March 2021

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Head

Style: Toony

Padding: None

SpeciesName: Obnix

Found in: Original Species, Monster, Kaiju, or Demon(?)

Features: Hair / Wig

Concept Art

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Initial ContactWith the suit being a giveaway suit it was very easy to contact her. Though even if it were a commission she is very easy to contact. I contacted her through Instagram throughout the process. It was very easy to understand what she needed as she would message me and ask at the time she needed them which made it convenient for me.

Maker CommunicationIrmyia was a very professional person to work with despite being friends. She was quick to respond and treated me very well. She would also do this for those who aren't her friends I'm sure! She was very clear and easy to understand. During the commission process she stayed very professional despite being my friend and kept it professional until the commission was completed.

Project Completion TimeShe worked very fast. From the time I was announced as the winner of the giveaway to when I received it was less than four months despite having other projects. She didn't give an exact time but I didn't ask for one as it was a giveaway. She stated her commissions came first which is understandable but I could keep up with her on her queue. As soon as my suit was finished and I sent shipping it was sent to me and arrived in roughly 3-5 days. (I'm not sure)

Overall Project QualityI am very pleased with the products quality. Irmyia did an amazing job of making my character come to life. The few "blemishes" are small and practically unnoticeable and common mistakes when making Fursuits (Small amounts of exposed glue, few tiny bad shave spots). Overall she did exactly as asked and completed the suit exactly how I hoped she would…possibly even better than I expected! Had I paid for the item I think her current prices are worth her work if not too low! The product is perfect in terms of fitting correctly and is very consistent with her evolving style.



Wear SatisfactionFor being an new maker Irmyia is very skilled at placing the eyes and mouth. Their lining is soft and feels good against your face while wearing. As someone who gets claustrophobic in suits easily they did a great job of not squishing your head in the foam. Compared to my other suit and ones I have tried on the vision is amazing and ventilation is even better. I can fit my whole hand in the mouth while not being able to see my mouth from the outside. Everything fits perfectly as expected when they asked for my measurements. Nothing about the suit is uncomfortable in anyway. I believe Irmyia used Lycra as the lining which keeps me very cool in suit without feeling too silky. As a person with Autism texture is very important and they found the perfect thing to line with for me Overall, very nice to wear.

Visual SatisfactionAs for visual satisfaction she aced what I asked for. I was very picky on which maker I would commission as Jericho(The character the suit is built for) is my own species so it was imperative to get the right shape. Irmyia did just that. The shape is exactly what I was looking for. As for expression she nailed it in this category too. She asked for a few expression references and with what I sent she created the perfect mix! Colors are exactly what I wanted as well. She did amazing on capturing the essence of my character and his species. A small nit pick I have is the characters ear tufts are round and ball like but in the end I think the way she portrayed them worked even better in suit form. Nothing is lopsided and all markings match and are symmetrical. As for the shaving there a very very miniscule marks and blemishes but you REALLY have to look to see them. All lengths were good with smooth transitions. The fur is soft and the perfect texture, I havent noticed any bleeding of colors and it brushes out very nicely. All angles give a great expression I love how they made a mix of the two expressions I gave by which angle you see the suit from. The eyes were perfect had the perfect color match and even followed the instructions to a T about how my species eyes work. Irmyia very accurately followed my concepts and the small things they changed actually in the end made the suit better in my opinion.

Special FeaturesIrmyia is currently working on making me an industrial earring for my suit.

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Final CommentsI highly recommend Irmyia! She is professional and works in a timely and pleasant manner. She can easily turn your character into a Fursuit accurately. She sends a lot of WIPs to keep you up to date and if you ask she's pretty open to sending more. I am going to commission her for the rest of my suits parts when she opens up!

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