[YES] Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko) Fullsuit by Wild Life

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Twitter: luckyjuniper

Relationship With Maker
The maker was NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now

Prior Experience
Yes, this is my 3rd fursuit (first fullsuit.)

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes, there was an issue with the sandals not staying on the feetpaws and the shoe size being too large, however, the maker provided me a new pair of custom feetpaws and sandals free of charge.

Wear Time
40 hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Toony, Digitigrade
Shipped From: USA

Domestic Feline
Found in Felidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
6100 USD paid in a lump sum
Filed under $6000 and over as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
29 October 2018

Project Timeline
Contact Date
November 2017
Completion/Ship Date
November 2017
Item Completion Time (?)

Item Being Reviewed
Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko) Fullsuit with digitigrade padding in a toony style bought as a pre-made.
Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

The head fits me very well, it is snug, but doesn’t feel restricting. The vision is nearly perfect with no middle blind spot. Peripheral vision is limited, but I feel that goes for nearly all fursuit heads. The ventilation is the weakest aspect, however, there is an opening in the mouth that lines up pretty well with mine and I don’t find myself breathing too much hot air back in my face. The head is fully lined, which is incredibly nice. It seems to be a high quality fleece, so there isn’t a lot of pilling and makes the head comfortable to wear if you aren’t wearing a balaclava (but I usually do.) The addition of a fan would have been nice, but based on the construction of the head, there wouldn’t be enough room without my face hitting the blades.

Visual Satisfaction

I absolutely love the appearance of the head. Nearly every feature is perfectly symmetrical, however the different lengths of fur sometimes can make it appear as though there are some slightly skewed parts (although a bit of fur trimming would fix this.) The shave job is quite nice, with the only slight fur damage being above the nose (but I think this may be from repeated rubbing.) There is one whisker that has a sharp point coming through the mouth, but again, nothing that can’t be fixed. I love the expression of the eyes and that the maker chose a thick, hard plastic for the green parts of the eyes (I feel like it gives it a very unique look.) The mouth is also such that despite the grumpy eyes, she doesn’t look too mean.The fur is very high quality and soft and I’m very happy that the ears have maintained their shape through me shoving the head under an airplane seat many times. The makers were also kind enough to allow me to request eyelashes upon purchasing this item and gave me multiple styles to choose from (even showing me pictures of the felt add-ons on her actual eye.) The inside of the head also looks very nice, with the lining being sewn and glued in with no wrinkles whatsoever.


Wear Satisfaction

This being my first fursuit, I was preparing myself for the worst. The makers also warned in the listing that due to the padding, this suit was much warmer than normal. However, once I got used to wearing a fullsuit, I’ve found that wearing it isn’t all too bad. The seams on the body appear to be nearly industrial grade, so it’s nice to put on this suit and not worry about ripping a seam. I like the removable padding as it’s a thin polyester/lycra material stuffed loosely with poly fill and seems to breathe decently well. The zipper is heavy duty and zips up nicely. I was very fortunate that this body fit my measurements so well (since this was a pre-made suit), it honestly fits like a glove.

Visual Satisfaction

I love the look of this bodysuit. The maker chose different lengths of fur for different areas, and I like that the detailed parts are short and my chest is long-pile (which also hides the zipper quite nicely.) It seems everyone’s favorite part of my suit is the tail, which is very swingy and the choice of long-pile extenuates this. Only very small complaint on the body suit is that the padding doesn’t seem to fill the sides completely (or it’s sagging a little bit) and my waist area isn’t filled out as much as I’d like. However, the fabric is stiff enough that it isn’t super obvious.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The hands are unlined, however, it is a very soft, high quality backing with industrial grade stitching. The paws are mitt-style and don’t have a lot of dexterity, however, I’ve managed to be able to push elevator buttons and open doors if I put my paw in the handle right. The maker mentioned in the care guide that in order to achieve the “seamless” look between the arm and paws, you would need to put on the top part of the body over the handpaws. This means I would have to try and zip up my suit with these mitt-paws, which I have yet to master (but they said they were able to do it with some practice.) The feet are not shoe based, so after a certain amount of walking, they do become uncomfortable due to lack of support. You do have to learn a new way of walking to avoid having the sandals slip off, but it’s tolerable. The feet are lined with the same polyester/lycra material as the padding and they breath pretty decent. I appreciate the maker marking the right foot with a sewn-in label.

Visual Satisfaction

The hands are one of my favorite parts of this suit, and I love that they are unique and so plush. The minky fabric for the paws also provides a unique look, however, it is difficult to clean and does show some signs of wear. The feetpaws are indoor with the same minky fabric, which shows a lot of wear (due to just walking indoors for photos, etc.) For my old feet, I really liked the appearance since they were very narrow and cat-like. When the makers provided me new feet, they were more in their typical style (with extenuated toes,) and I still prefer the old style. However, the new feetpaws are still very nice and I’m not sure if the sandal issue was fixable with the old design.


Wear Satisfaction

The tail is attached to my body suit, so it is very nice to not have to worry about a belt. Luckily my tail is short so I don’t have to worry about people stepping on it or crushing it too much when I sit down.

Visual Satisfaction

Talked about this briefly in the bodysuit section, but it’s very bouncy and I feel gives the character a little extra spunk.


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
The seams are exceptionally strong, the fit is phenomenal, especially for a pre-made, and the suit looks very high quality overall. I would say the only choice that may bug some people was that the maker chose to use cream (short fur,) and pure white (for the long-pile in the ears and on the tail,) but it doesn’t bother me. A decent amount of people have been able to tell this was a Wild Life suit, however, I believe this is their first domestic cat and 3rd or 4th feline, so it’s unique compared to their usual lupine suits.

Overall Project Quality
Very, very happy. The issues this suit have are incredibly minor and can be fixed on my own. I feel like this suit can last me a very long time.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Very easy, they had a link to their website posted on their Twitter. From there, I emailed them my offer.

Maker Response Time
Very quickly, probably only had to wait one day at most.

Maker Professionalism
Incredibly satisfied. They were very kind and were good about double-checking details such as address, shipping, etc.

Project Completion Time
Yes, it was a pre-made suit.

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