[YES] Mahi the Monster Dog Digitgrade Fullsuit by Fursewna Studios

Maker Information

Fursewna Studios (FURSWNA) Based in Illinois, Kankakee. Crafting since 2017.

Year of Project2018

Completion Time (?)7 - 12 Months

ETA AccuracyYES - the ETA was accurate
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Review Date1 June 2021

RelationshipThe maker IS a friend
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Review Information
Twitter: sursiq

Prior ExperienceYes, I have worn other suits in the past, however this was my first personal one.

Wear Time30+ hours

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, they fixed them right away at a con we were at!

Mahi Digitigrade Full Suit


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $1000 - $2999

Initial Contact: May 2018

Completion/Ship Date: November 2018

Shipping Origin: Local pickup

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

SpeciesName: Monster Dog

Found in: Canidae, Monster, Kaiju, or Demon(?)

Features: Spikes, Hair / Wig

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactVery easy! I used a form they posted on their Instagram to fill out a quote and got an email back with breakdown of the price! They were very clear with what I needed to measure

Maker CommunicationAmazing communication! Lots of fun WIP photos, questions, suggestions, and more! They do an amazing job of making the process fun and easy!

Project Completion TimeIt was very quickly finished! After a couple suits ahead of me in the queue, my suit only took about 3 months to be completed! I got the suit in person as we live close to eachother so that was very nice!

Overall Project QualityYES! Absolutely wonderful work! A few issues did not take away from the overall amazing art piece that this fursuit is!

1000000% worth the price and such great communication and work ethic! He was done so quickly!

Everything flows together nicely, although the feet do look strange if I am partialing only since they are so large, so I only wear them to fulllsuit!



Wear SatisfactionMahi came out wonderfully! He is adorable, spacious, and looks wonderful. My only issues were that the head is a bit heavy, making it hard to wear for extended periods of time, however that doesn't bother me that much! Besides that his head was so well made!

It is lined, easy to clean, amazing ventilation and eyesight!

Visual SatisfactionHis jaw is a little crooked but I think it's cute!
There are a couple places that I can see the backing in the fur, but I believe that was just from wearing him a lot at cons! Markings are perfect!
The fur is SUPER soft and high quality!
The expression is great! He looks a bit odd from a top angle, but otherwise making different expression with his eyelids is super fun!

One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionA great suit! The arms are a bit short and the shoulders a bit tight, but that could be my fault as it was my first duct tape dummy. The area around my neck also didn't seem to cover enough and you can often seen the edge in photos, that could also be the neck fur on the head not reaching far enough. Not a huge issues, easy to cover with a cute hawaiian shirt. The seams are very durable, I have not heard any pop. No lining!

The construction marks on the inside do not detract from appearance nor do they bleed onto me!

Airflow is surprisingly good for a padded digi suit!

Visual SatisfactionDesign was matched wonderfully! High quality fur was used.

Shaving is done well! The underplates on his body looks amazing as well, they pulled it off spectacularly!

The padding was a bit confusing to figure out and after a long time of wear, one of the loops to hold it in place broke off, but that's an easy fix!
Otherwise, I love the shape! Big thighs and feet look awesome for a monster dog!


Wear SatisfactionLove the ands! They are comfortable, give surprisingly good movement for such puffy fingers, and look amazing.

Sadly my wrists do show if i stretch even a little upward, but I don't mind too much! They are easy to put on for sure.

The paws did not suffer any popped seams or otherwise, except for one dewclaw deciding to hang off. My maker fixed it right away at the con I was at when it happened!

Absorbs sweat well!

Visual SatisfactionVery well made! The claws face the correct direction, a few are a tiny bit crooked but they aren't bad.

Shaving is wonderful on these paws! The pawpads are super squishy and fun to have interactions with other fursuiters with!


Wear SatisfactionVery comfy! I wish it was a bit perkier than how droopy it is, but it's still super cute! Easy to put on as well.

Straps are secure, tail is strong! One seam has popped before but it was an easy fix to sew up!

Visual SatisfactionVery beautifully made with a really pretty gradient from short to long fur. Once again, underscales look amazing!


Wear SatisfactionThey are difficult to walk in as they are quite large, but I don't mind! I LOVE the way my maker keeps shoes in feet, the two straps that hold my food in place work amazingly well and sometimes the extra space in there becomes handy!
Very very durable.
Does not have lining, a big difficult to clean as they have a lot of foam, but otherwise gorgeous!

Visual SatisfactionVery very pretty! Love the huge claws and pawpads peeking out. The shaving is awesome! I love the way they made the backside of the feet longer in length fur-wise versus the rest of it, really is beautiful!

Special FeaturesMy maker created foam/velcro custom gauges for him! They are absolutely stunning and are interchangeable!

They are very durable and seriously shows off his personality!

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Final CommentsI would highly recommend their work! However, if you tire easily, maybe don't get a full digi suit, haha!

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