[YES] Nea the Winged Ragdoll Cat by Thunderhowl Studios

General Information
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Reviewer Information
Twitter: NeaIsACat

Relationship With Maker
The maker was NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now

Prior Experience
Yes, one premade mini partial bought at a con in late 2019. Have also worn my fiance’s MFL full suit and his premade partial by Tepid Dreamer

Informed Maker of Issues
No issues present

Wear Time
60+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Toony, Digitigrade
Shipped From: USA

winged ragdoll cat
Found in Felidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
~$4000 USD paid in a lump sum
Filed under $3000 - $4999 as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
25 April 2021

Project Timeline
Contact Date
January 2020
Completion/Ship Date
September 2020
Item Completion Time (?)
1 - 3 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Nea the winged ragdoll cat digitigrade full suit in a toony style as a commission.
Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

Very satisfied – Fits well, snug enough to move the jaw but not too tight. Comfortable to wear, lightweight, easy to brush after use
Ventilation not perfect (will see if using a fan helps), but can wear for a few hours no problem
Vision is great, barely a blind spot in center, can navigate with suit head on indoors but haven’t tried outdoors yet
Moving jaw is responsive

Visual Satisfaction

Symmetry good, eyes slightly not symmetrical but not noticeable in videos or photos
Fur quality is great, even shave
Head appearance matches character art exactly
Follow me eye effect works well


Wear Satisfaction

Fits my body, comfortable, allows for natural range of movement, lightweight even with digi padding
Very durable, can kneel and bend without any tearing
Can wear for an hour or so with cooling vest before heat sets in

Visual Satisfaction

Symmetry is perfect, color and patterns look exactly like the concept art
Body suit is very soft and huggable
Digi legs look natural
Zipper line shows on chest fluff, not a big issue of appearance

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

Hands and feet comfy, no human skin shows while wearing and stays on during use
Durable seams
Feet paws have shoes built in, fit well
Feet have snaps to attach to body or can separate when partialing
Handpaw interior not lined

Visual Satisfaction

Shaving even and markings accurate to the character


Wear Satisfaction

Tail much more lightweight than expected when compared to my premade partial (similar shape and size)
Very fluffy and fits the character concept well

Visual Satisfaction

Matched character concept well, good communication when getting the shape and size planned out


Wear Satisfaction

Lightweight, doesn’t weigh down the body at all when moving around
Durable seams, perfect shape and size

Visual Satisfaction

Matches concept art, very fluffy fur shave makes the wings look feathery and natural
Wings attached to body suit
Looks great in photos!


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Markings match up great with the overal look! Very seamless appearance, everything flows naturally
Has that “Thunderhowl” look but unique enough to be distinguished from other maker’s suits

Overall Project Quality
Project exceeded my expectations, Nea was made better than I could imagine when I first created her. I would recommend Thunderhowl as a possible maker to consider

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Very easy, they announced an opening on their social medias with their form, once I got the slot communication was through email or Telegram. They definitely take customer service seriously and willing to walk you through the steps. There was no confusion during the process

Maker Response Time
Response time was prompt, maybe an hour wait time at most during daytime working hours. Initial slot acceptance was through email, but commission communication took place through their business Telegram

Maker Professionalism
Very professional, all contact was commission related. They asked necessary questions on anything needing clarity, making sure I was OK before starting something. Lots of WIP pics! They’re local, so I had the chance to test out the head and body suit; these visits were entirely business related and to the point

Project Completion Time
Completion was less than a year with a public queue available. They promise suits are done within a year of payment at most and they for sure made their deadline with Nea

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Final Comments
Thunderhowl is professional, high quality, worth the money paid. If you’re looking for a suit, do consider them

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