[YES] Render the Goat Partial by Raptor Creation

Maker Information

Raptor Creation

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)1 - 3 Months

ETA AccuracyYES - the ETA was accurate
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Review Date11 September 2021

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerTwitter: PupSonar

Prior ExperienceYes, this is my 2nd fursuit.

Wear Time40+

Informed Maker of IssuesThere were no issues.

Render – Partial


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $501 - $999

Initial Contact: April 2021

Completion/Ship Date: May 2021

Shipping Origin: Local pickup

Type: Partial

Style: Toony

Padding: None

Specialties: None

SpeciesName: Goat

Found in: Euungulata(?)

Features: Horns or Antlers, Hooves

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactFirst met the maker in a furmeet, to get a quote I just had to fill a form and wait for their selection. They announced that opening on their Instagram. They asked me for my measurements and were precise on which they needed.

Maker CommunicationThey replied fast during the whole process, gave me update on each step (20+ WIP photos / videos). We talked on Instagram from the quote to the meet to give me the suit.
Communication was great, felt like a business-like conversation but informal.

Project Completion TimeNo queue since they took only one slot, they gave me a time expectation right away ("1 month after they receive the fur") and respected it. They meet that expectation perfectly, the quote was accepted in april and received the suit in may.
No shipping needed, We met for delivery.

Overall Project QualityHead was immediately nice to wear, fits my head and glasses. Same with hands, was my size and easy to place fingers in. Design was exactly what I wanted and match the character. The maker was clear with what material they used, gave me time to compare colors and gave me advice when needed. Render looks bubbly and fun, then salty with eyelids on, exactly what I wanted !

The partial is well worth its price, I even thought I'd pay more for it. Whole parts match together perfectly, everything looks like they should. Everything looks strong and feels like it will stay like it as long as I take care of the suit.

All item respect my sona's design, colors are consistent and except if the hands are not tucked in you can't see skin. Parts all fit me properly, and don't show any holes or damaged spot.

This build match what the maker did before, I'm not disappointed at the final result !



Wear SatisfactionHead is the right size, like asked I can fit my glasses in. Neck is tighter but large enough for the head to slip on. Inside, the head feels like wearing a motor helmet, you can feel the foam on your cheek, top of the head and side.

Head is not lined (didn't ask for it!), worn both with and without balaclava.
– Without balaclava: foam is comfortable, easy to clean but makes the head a bit more loose.
– With balaclava: Perfect fit to my head, ventilation allows me to wear glasses without fog forming.

Ventilation is made through eyes, mouth and both ears. Allow me to suit (shirt + sweater, jeans) for 1h outside under 30°C / 86°F. You can create fresh air flow by moving the head.

Vision is great, like all suit seeing right in front of you, sides and feet is not possible. Thought vision is wide, allows to see a large space and does not disturb the vision. Buckram is very good, the paint does not clog the meshes.

Visual SatisfactionMarkings are symmetrical and match perfectly my character. Ears are not symmetrical, but probably caused by my storage method. Hair tend to go more on one side and not stay centered.

Shaving is great, you can see a few uneven spots, it gives a texture to fur, so it's not a problem for me. Side of the head are a bit longer, like asked. Neck area is longer and even. Transition between furs are seamless.

Fur is great quality, maker took time to show me multiple option. Minky (horns, inside ears, tongue) are extra soft. Colors are respected. Gradients on horns / hooves are not present, we decided on how to make them together since the maker doesn't have supplies to create gradient yet. Eye color is perfect, and paint don't come off.

Asked for a basic smile face and extra eyelid to give an angry look, both look good. Eyelids don't come off, even if I move and jump a lot. Follow-me eyes work super great.

Except the gradient, my design is perfectly respected. Maker didn't take any decision regarding the head without letting me know or ask first. The head looks exactly like I wanted.


Wear SatisfactionHands fits rights, toony and 3 fingers doesn't allow me to do precise action but basic moves are OK. Wrist are not tight, I have to put them under my clothes to make sure my skin won't be visible. Once on they don't slide of, and feels great for a long time.

Seems are visible on hooves, but nothing popped or moved.

No lining inside, you can feel the back fur and minky (which are both comfortable, especially the minky). It absorbs sweats with no issue. (cleaning method : fursuit spray / hand wash. No washing machine) Easy to clean, nothing goes off and fur go back to place after cleaning.

Visual SatisfactionBoths hands are identical, you can tell which side is which with hooves shape. Hands are a solid color, so marking is good.

Shaving is great, works perfectly so picture a toony goat hands !

Fur and minky are the same on face and hands. Both are great.

Design is respected, like said before gradients were not possible but we discussed an option.


Wear SatisfactionTail is bigger than excepted, bounce great and allow me to move like I had nothing on me. Have a loop belt on it, works on both belts I own.

Shaving is great, furs seamless, nothing popped out or moved.

Visual SatisfactionPerfectly symmetrical, matching my design.

Shaving is great, fur match Render's colors and are good quality. Brushing is easy and shows the nice shape of the nub tail.

Special FeaturesEyelids are made of the same fur used on the head. They hold with velcro, and once in place don't move even if I shake the head. Pretty easy to put on, even with the head and hooves already on.
Feels durable, super light and easy to put away in my storage space.

Other features you might see but are not made by the maker :
– Bandaid on horn (2)
– Crown

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Final CommentsSuit is exactly what I wanted, they even did small thing I asked (space to fit glasses, eyelid…). The whole process was fast and full of updates and WIP. The maker answer questions if you ask them, and allow you to choose fur with them and correct if you don't like the color. Use quality materials and is very clear on possible allergens in their workspace (dog). Finished product fits their previous work, no bad surprise when WIPs are sent !

I'll consider this maker as one of the best for the French community. Keep an eye on their work, they only improve and their style matches US maker when don't have here ! I''ll 100% recommend this maker, they are still young but work with a great professionalism already. Can't wait to see their future work !

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