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Reviewer Information
Furaffinity: riorioriorio

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
Yes. Only a half partial that was a pre-made. Never a custom commission.

Informed Maker of Issues
There was no issues.

Wear Time
20+ Hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Toony, Digitigrade
Shipped From: Australia

Dutch Angel Dragon
Found in Reptilia (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
3200 USD
Filed under $3000 - $4999 as a None.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
23 October 2017

Project Timeline
Contact Date
June 2016
Completion/Ship Date
Partial finished January 2017. Fullsuit finished May 2017.
Item Completion Time (?)
4 - 6 Months, 7 - 12 Months


Wear Satisfaction

Measurements were given and as a result the head fits perfectly. The head is fully lined and sewn in so its super easy to take on or off. Ventilation is amazing. The muzzle is wide and open to allow plenty of breathing room. The eyes give some ventilation but clearly not as much as the open mouth.
Vision is the best I’ve ever seen. I have tried on various suits but the vision is very clear. Only a small blind spot and I can see out both my sides with ease. And its easy to hear in suit too. And I love the fact she made the ears nice and wiggly like I requested!

Visual Satisfaction

I am extremely satisfied with the head. Symmetry is pretty much perfect except for one ear is a little lower but it adds to the character. The main face area is perfect, even the small details above the eyes. There was only a small part of shaving on the face but it was done to match the beaver exactly. Very even. The Ears were shaved and transitioned from long to short fur and works well for the head. Fur is very soft, no airbrushing was done. Brushing head is easy, Its sewn really well and holds up to vigorous brushing. Rio looks to have a very cute fun expression which is what I wanted, I can change his expression a lot at different angles which I love. The eyes are Follow-me and work really well. Definitely matches the concept art. Small alterations were made but not before asking permission. I left artistic freedom on how she wanted to make him, and if that included altering small amounts on him that was fine. But all that was changed was some of the orange stripes to flow with the body more which turned out really well!

Special Attachments and Features

Rios head is covered in horns. Which were made from a soft vinal that can be squashed for transport and rough play in suit. Kids can pull them without me worrying about them coming off. They look great and are exactly what I wanted. She even made little fangs in his mouth that have stayed put and don’t want to come off anytime soon.


Wear Satisfaction

The body is amazing. This is the first suit with a body that I have owned. Its super comfortable to wear and has really good mobility. The inside is sewn twice and an extra row of zig zag stitching so its super strong. Not lined which makes for amazing airflow. The padding is soft and light and makes for easy movement and cleaning. The padding is removable apart from the hock which is sewn in, but easily fits in my washing machine. The tail is attached, and has a lined backing with a zip so the padding can be removed prior to washing or storage. Small fabric marks but have worn off after a few washes, but hasn’t affected the suit at all obviously. I can suit for hours before getting overheated. I suited for 4 hours at a comic con in ease.

Visual Satisfaction

I love the look of this suit so much. The digigrade padding is amazing and looks stunning in photos. I can’t rave about how much I love the padding. Markings are symmetrical and look just like his reference. Rio is quite a complicated character and Eight did a fantastic job of maintaining his crazy patterned body onto fur. Shaving is amazing as I said above. Fur is extremely soft and smooth. Easy brushed and washes well. For a Lux Shag suit it looks amazing. The brown had to be changed as we couldn’t find a darker colour to match, but after looking at the lighter brown I agreed and I think it suits the character more, same happened with the main blue on the body. Any changes was always ran by me first and nothing changed unless I gave the all clear which is what I loved about working with Eight.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

Feet are really comfy, they are separate to the body but look like they are attached. my wrists will show if I stretch upwards a lot but could be due to only owning short sleeve under armor. Easily put on and taking off. The feet are super strong and practically have no wear on the bottoms. Claws are still all accounted for. Interior of the feet are lined. Handpaws are not but have removable padding for washing. I supplied my own shoes for the maker to use.

Visual Satisfaction

I love the hand paws a lot. They are poofy and very cute. symmetrical also. No shaving. Same as body, the fur is soft and smooth. the light pink minky looks great. The feet are the same.


Wear Satisfaction

Tail is attached to the suit, what I haven’t said already I’ll say here. Its strong and looks just like his reference. The two small horns are in the correct place and so are the amount of tail feathers on the tip. Many have trodden on or pulled, haven’t seen a seam pop yet. Padding is removable as I said above.

Visual Satisfaction

Love the tail. It’s probably one of my favorite pieces of the suit. Its slightly twisted but as a maker myself it happens. Especially with the amount of patterns on it. I love the tail. No shaving, fur is the same, smooth and soft. Minky feathers are sewn great and have great details along with his butt feathers. Definitely love the length.


Wear Satisfaction

Wings are attached. You can hardly feel they are there. Easily able to wiggle and make them move. symmetrical and look just like the concept art.

Visual Satisfaction

The wings are made from minky and look great, the sewing is neat and tidy and match the art.


Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
The suit looks nearly the same to the concept art, from what was stated above. I’m really impressed on how well they made the transition from digital artwork to a fulls suit.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
How satisfied are you with how well everything fits together and matches up?
Extremely. The markings are sewn really well and match up with all the seams. All the colours are the same shades and match the minky also.

Overall Project Quality
How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project?
Very satisfied. Built to last and is top quality.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Very easy. They made it easy to fill out an quote form and send it away.

Maker Response Time
Since they were Australian the response time was never exceeding a day. Fast and always helpful and caring about my character.

Maker Professionalism
Amazing customer service. If I had any issues they would act professional all the way through. Highly recommend. I’m already considering getting another suit made by them.

Project Completion Time
I was surprised on how fast the suit was completed after the initial first step was made. I never knew they were going to have a partial ready for a con this year. And then finish his body suit in time for the other convention. Was blown away. But the suit doesn’t seem rushed at all.

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Final Comments
Would definitely work with again. Was really easy to talk to and took everything seriously. Nothing bad can be said. I loved the work ethic and enthusiasm to make my character. Made it sound like I was in great hands. or ‘paws’ 😀
Love Love Love my suit!

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