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Reviewer Information
Twitter: StreifiGreif
Furaffinity: streifigreif

Relationship With Maker
The maker IS a friend

Prior Experience
Yes, this is my 3rd pair of fursuit paws overall and the 2nd one when talking about sockpaws specifically.

Informed Maker of Issues
On arrival there were no issues. Minor issue came up after several month of use, problem was quick and successfully dealt with (see section “Wear Satisfaction” below)

Wear Time
40+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Paw Sets > Feet Paws
Style: Toony, Plantigrade
Shipped From: Denmark

Found in Felidae, Original Species (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
400 EUR paid in a lump sum
Filed under $400 and under as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
10 October 2018

Project Timeline
Contact Date
09 2017
Completion/Ship Date
12 2017
Item Completion Time (?)
1 - 3 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Knee-high sockpaws for Streifi in a toony style as a commission.

Character Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The sockpaws are knee-high. They feature no zipper but are slip-on. Putting them on is fairly easy, also got good advice how to best proceed the first time. They fit perfectly, are comfortable to wear for short and long durations. They are stuffed with polyfill and feature a sewn fleece sock on the inside. The stuffing provides good stabilization and shapes the paw nicely as it should be. Even after long wear it stays in shape. They are comfy and warm, perfect to wear for cooler temperatures but also in rather big heat they don’t cause excessive sweating since the materials are quite breathable. Movement isn’t limited and even dancing with them is possible without problems. They fit my feet and legs well, so they don’t slip down at all. The fur on the sole is mostly white but surprisingly easy to keep clean; seems to almost repel dirt to a certain extent.
After a long furdance I noticed a short seam (about 1-2cm in length) had popped. Since this was on the sole where two different furs were coming together I could imagine this coming from my heavy use-case. I told the maker about it and she right away offered to fix this for me, free of charge.

Visual Satisfaction

Prior to ordering I asked for fur colors available. I was given a huge selection of fabrics and was sent a selection of samples to chose from, after narrowing the choice down. The colors are matching my wishes and likings, also fit the rest of my partial that was built earlier by a different maker. The stripes and pads are sewn in and provide a great look, matching the markings and coloring of my characters paws. The fur feels super soft and is easy to maintain, a bit of brushing keeps it smooth and soft like on the first day. The pawpads are made of fleece, providing a great texture.


Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
The concept art existed before I decided to commission the maker. She was totally fine with the picture and description I provided as a reference. The design and markings were all taken over and realized as they should be, nothing was altered or omitted. The sockpaws match my characters look in every way.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
I’m very satisfied. The paws provide great comfort and are built according to the concept art and description I gave. They match my partial color and style-wise. They show the same look and great quality as other pairs of Alpha Dogs sockpaws that I own or know about.

Overall Project Quality
I’m super happy with the overall outcome. I had no problems getting a commission slot. The design and the special request to have them built knee-high posed no problem. The character design and markings were all realized as they should be and communication was swift and professional. When the issue with one seam came up there was no discussion whatsoever, but quick, professional help and customer service. To make sure this problem would not happen again all seams were re-enforced pre-emptively during repair. Including shipping times the paws were gone less than 3 weeks for repair, even tho the maker was rather busy at that time. I can only recommend this maker – not only as a friend, but also from a neutral point of view. I’m sure those paws will still serve me great for many more hours to come!

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
I read about the commission opening on Twitter. When Alpha Dogs was open for commissions I contacted her via Telegram and got a slot. Since this was my second pair from Honey, I knew what I had to provide as information.

Maker Response Time
The response time was super promt. Not only the initial reply, but also feedback when talking about details etc. Progress and status updates were given several times. The communication was almost exclusively through Telegram.

Maker Professionalism
Honey does this for a living and deals with her customers professionally in every way. Contact is friendly and fast and she takes problems with her products very serious, dedicated to fix them and make sure they won’t happen again in future creations.

Project Completion Time
When I ordered (Sep.’17) I was told about the turn-around of 3 month which was fine with me. As agreed on I had the paws shipped to me 3 month (Dec.’17) later. Shipping was from Denmark with PostNord and included tracking so I always knew about the whereabouts of my item.

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