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General Information
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Reviewer Information
Twitter: vorkvitae

Relationship With Maker
The maker IS a friend

Prior Experience
No, this is my first fursuit.

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes, the only issues I had were the ankle cuffs on the feet paws as well as the wrist cuffs on the hand paws. Both were resolved very quickly and am very satisfied with the finished suit.

Wear Time
30+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Partial
Style: Toony
Shipped From: United Kingdom

Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
900 paid in a lump sum
Filed under $501 - $999 as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
25 January 2021

Project Timeline
Contact Date
March 2018
Completion/Ship Date
August 2018
Item Completion Time (?)
4 - 6 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Vork the wolf partial in a toony style as a commission.

Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

The head is measured perfectly and fits my head well when wearing glasses as well as when I am wearing contact lenses.
Ventilation is also very good, however as a common occurrence when wearing glasses with any face covering, fogging does occur. This can be remedied with anti-fog wipes or contact lenses. Vision is very good also, as with any suit, it takes a while to adjust but I have not had any problems suiting.
The head is lined with I believe to be a spandex liner, which when combined with a balaclava, cleaning is very minimal and easy to do.

Visual Satisfaction

Symmetry is nigh on perfect, especially with his markings and colour scheme. The shaving is also very nicely done, even and neat which is soft to the touch making brushing a very easy task as well as spot cleaning if this arises. The expression is definitely what I was looking for with a happy look that’s always inviting, along with the follow me eyes combination. The eyes themselves were hand painted and I am very happy with the outcome.

Special Attachments and Features

Removable tongue: With a velcro strip underneath it allowed me to change out to different styles of toony tongues, posable and non to fit the image being taken. I have since obtained a further 4 tongues of different sizes and materials which I also adore.

Snaggle fangs: This was a little extra that added to his wolfiness and they are very nicely done and completes the head. Made from felt they’re pretty flexible and spring back into
shape when compressed..

Follow me eyes: Does as it says on the tin, these are hand painted and the quality is amazing. They follow you around the room and are great in expressive photos.

Egg plushie: This was more of a surprise than anything but due to a WIP image of Vork’s handpaws looking like eggs, this became a running joke and thus this plushie came into eggistence. The build quality is solid and squishy as plushies go and it’s a nice prop to have!

Toony nose with nostrils: As the descriptor says, it’s a nose with nostrils, made of mink fur, matching the reference colour. It’s super soft to touch and boop.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

In addition to the hands and feet there are some arm-sleeves, I will break it down below.

Hands: These are 4 fingered hand paws which are very comfortable to wear and stay put on the hands. These were updated a little bit with wrist cuff extensions to tie in with the arm-sleeves a little better. They are lined, easy to clean, very durable feeling and allow good movement. The claws are felt and are solidly held in place, keeping their shape after a lot of use. The fur is shaved nicely also around the fingertips. I have only had wrists show if I overstretch, however it is not that often that it occurs due to the long pile fur on the arms and wrists.

Feet: The feet are solid construction, indoor paws with durable stitched mink paw pads. Nicely shaped and shaved evenly. The ankle cuffs were adjusted on these and they can be put on and taken off with ease. They hold nicely onto my feel also. As these are indoor paws there is not much on a shoe base that is visible, however inside the paw itself it is a firm base that allows some bending but also structural rigidity which is nice to have.

Arm-sleeves: These sleeves are long fur and held together by a strip of elastic on the back which hold them in place. They’re comfortable to wear with and without under armour on and have been used relatively often without any signs of wear and tear.

Visual Satisfaction

The result of these pieces are all perfect to the reference file used. All paw pads are mink and very soft to the touch, claws are felt and finish the look on the paws, the shaving on all parts is excellent which makes it amazing to feel and brush.


Wear Satisfaction

The tail was supplied with 2 x belt loops on the top which when used, hold the tail firmly in place. It wags nicely, is a good size/fit and so far, still looks like the day I got it.

Visual Satisfaction

I am extremely satisfied with the look of the tail, it matches the reference perfectly and brushes nicely. All the fur is long with little to no shaving being required. It’s symmetrical and just all out a lovely tail.


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Everything fits together as nicely as a partial can, all of the seams line up, the markings are nicely shaped and correct to the reference image. The colours are all matching and there are no different shades of the same colour (as some batch colours can differ). The suit is in line with GoFurIt’s style and is more than what I expected.

Overall Project Quality
This project exceeded my expectations and the piece as a whole is more than I could ever ask for. It was and still is well worth the price paid and all the pieces as well as the additional egg plushie which was a nice surprise. (It’s made a meme of Vork and I love it)
The integrity and durability of the suit is also very good and with general use (wearing around the house, to cons, meets etc) all parts are still like new!

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
I contacted and enquired in person and then used Telegram/e-mail for further communication/discussion afterwards. Their instructions were very easy and simple to follow with assistance given when necessary.

Maker Response Time
See “initial contact”, the response times were very very prompt and to an extremely high standard.

Maker Professionalism
The professionalism of GoFurIt is astounding, going leaps and bounds ahead of what you would expect them to do, giving a structured ETA timetable as to when pieces will be done. Extremely clear communication and was treated very well as a customer. They were fantastic to work with and am looking forward to doing so again in the near future.

Project Completion Time
When I commissioned the suit, there was a queue and I was aware of my place in it and given a timeframe/completion date estimate very clearly. I was surprised with the turnaround as I know that crafting this kind of artwork takes a lot of time and dedication, which really shows in the final piece. The updates were prompt as well as very well scheduled. End dates were specified and updated throughout of any changes. Communication was throughout to a very high standard.

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Final Comments
Overall I am exceedingly happy with the outcome of this suit and have recommended GoFurIt as a maker to many others both nationally and internationally as I cannot commend them enough with the sheer dedication, professionalism and constant drive to exceed expectations when it comes to building fursuits. I always will thank them for bringing my character to life and doing so to such a high standard. Each day whenever I see him displayed it makes me smile and excited to suit up again and such.

With that in mind as well as all the detailed parts of the review above, I am definitely working with them again for a full-suit upgrade with new hand and feet-paws (different pattern used to increase the collection) which will be reviewed when it is completed.

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