[YES] Vozzy, a Musical Red Fox by Ritz Costumes

Maker Information

Ritz Costumes (RITZCOS) Based in Colorado, Arvada. Crafting since 2008.

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)7 - 12 Months

ETA AccuracyYES - the ETA was accurate
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Review Date31 August 2021

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information

Prior ExperienceThis is my first fursuit

Wear Time10

Informed Maker of IssuesNo issues so far

Vozzy, a musical red fox


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: August 2020

Completion/Ship Date: March 2021

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

Specialties: None

SpeciesName: Fox

Found in: Canidae(?)

Features: None

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactEasy.

Maker CommunicationIt was difficult to find the right cathegory about friend-status, but Ritz has been very professional, and have been well comunicating through the process. We are perhaps not friends, but it certainly doesnt mean that there are any issues, just not friends at a personal level. Ritz seems to be a very nice person with good values. She sent updates along the way, and when I had a question she always responded quite quick. She also saved me a lot of money with the transport, due the corona-issues at that time being, finding a safe trackable option that didnt cost ridicously much (as the normal option did then)

Project Completion TimeExcellent, as expected and Ritz are very efficient.

Overall Project QualityI heard many stories about makers that takes your money, and have years of waitingtime (if ever delivered) and was very concerned when I was looking for a maker. Ritz have a principle of not taking to many projects at once, and I felt ok about everything in the process. The suit seems to have good quality, and it felt like Ritz cares personally about her projects.



Wear SatisfactionThe head are very comfortable and not heavy- I ordered the head with a fan that also helps the airflow.

Visual SatisfactionExcellent. The ears are wonderful, also the fur in the ears. Cute teeths, and the happy cute look i wanted.

One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionThe bodysuit fits good, but it took some time to get used to pass the legs the padding, but that is of course something I just need to get used to.

The armlength was slightly short, but that might be my mistake with the markings of the DTD. I think it can be fixed without much problems, perhaps extending the glowes a bit. It also might be an issue since I havent used long sleeved clothes under, and then the suit might "grab" more to my arms.

Visual SatisfactionVery good. Could have been slightly tighter, but its good to be on the safe side XD

Very nice fur, and nice markings. The stitching seems very solid so far. The fur is nice, but also makes the suit quite warm, so I have ordered some cooling options 🙂


Wear SatisfactionThe hands fits very good, and are comforable.

Visual SatisfactionExcellent


Wear SatisfactionThe tail is very easy to wear, and the size is also a good match. Next time I would have ordered slightly bigger or fluffy, but that is a matter of taste

Visual SatisfactionExcellent! And nice gradient spraypaintwork. Perhaps a bit more swing/soft tail would be even better, but I dont know how that would turn out in real life (also if it is possible etc)


Wear SatisfactionThe feets are one-size, but it fits ok. Sometimes I am a bit worried that it might be worn faster because of that, but so far so good. Both indoor and outdoor feets. The outdoor have anti-slip flat rubberish underside.

Visual SatisfactionExcellent

Special FeaturesNote (Music) markings on front and back sides. Excellently done.

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Final CommentsRitz also kindly included a sewing kit, a baclava, some information about care, and even a badge! Lot of goodies. I am very happy to have a suit from Ritz, and hope to be using it at cons when the world slowly normalizes. First furwalk in a few days! I absolutely recommend Ritz.

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