[NO] Hell Charm Snow Leopard 3/4th Suit by FarisBatwan

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Reviewer Information
Hell Charm

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
Yes, I have owned 4 fursuits so far, this was my 3rd suit

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes, told them about the communication issues, missed ETA’s, wrong fit of the legs and head (last 2 were fixed)

Wear Time
100+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Partial
Style: Realistic, Digitigrade
Shipped From: USA

snow leopard
Found in Felidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
1500 USD paid in installments
Filed under $1000 - $2999 as a Payment Plan.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
10 July 2019

Project Timeline
Contact Date
December 2015
Completion/Ship Date
May 2017
Item Completion Time (?)
13 - 23 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Hell Charm snow leopard digitigrade 3/4th suit in a realistic style as a commission.

Character Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

When I received the head in the mail it was way too tight and there was no padding on the resin base. The part of the base that the eyes were mounted on would dig into my eyebrows and I was unable to wear the suit for more than 5 minutes without getting a splitting headache that lasted for multiple days.

The suit was shipped back to her and was resized + padding was added.
It’s still not super comfortable but I got used to it after a while and no longer have any issues wearing the head.

A fan was supposed to be included in the price but was not.
I have since installed a fan myself and painted the back side of the eye mesh black.
Before the upgrades vision and ventilation were a 4/10, now I would give them a 6,5/10.
Blind spot between the eyes is very small but the field of vision is very narrow as is to be expected with a more realistic suit.
The mouth opens just wide enough to fit a small water bottle and this is very useful while suiting at an event or hanging around at the bar. 😛

Visual Satisfaction

Initially the ears were very much like those of a house cat (very tall) and flat and the airbrushing on the face was very cluttered and looked like she went a bit airbrush crazy and put spots everywhere she could fit them.
Upon receiving a picture of the finished head I asked to adjust both of these things.
The face markings now look very nice and give the suit a soft and friendly expression. The ears are still a bit flat but are overall a lot better now.

Shaving was done very nicely and there is only 1 spot where the backing is visible, although you really don’t notice it until you look closely.

The neck is very nice and form fitting and has been a blessing for combining with every outfit I could come up with.
It doesn’t look awkward or bulky at all.

The ivory fur is nice and soft and brushing the head is a breeze.

My favorite part of the whole suit are the eyes, I love the color and how the airbrushed markings help give the suit some expression.


Wear Satisfaction

Upon receiving the suit the legs did not fit at all.
The top was too wide and the legs would fall down to my knees after just a few steps while the bottom of the legs was too short and would leave a gap with the feetpaws.

These were also sent back to be fixed.
Upon arrival an extra piece had been added to the bottom of the legs but nothing had visibly changed on the top.
They were still several sizes too big.

I installed some elastics along the top of the legs that can be used to pull a kidney belt trough so the legs can no longer fall down. They don’t go up very high so I have to be careful about my underarmor showing.

Some seams have popped but nothing that isn’t to be expected after some wear and tear.

There is no lining and the foam padding slides into fleece pockets.
Because the legs aren’t lined and the furs have a rather thin backing this allows a nice amount of airflow.
The foam feels like hard mattress foam and has been carved into shape very quickly.
It looks a bit rushed and the material does not compress easily so feels a bit bulky and awkward.

Visual Satisfaction

Other than the fit the legs look pretty nice.
Because the foam is so hard and roughly shaped you can see the outline of the foam blocks when you look at the legs from the side.
From any other view they do however look very nice.

The airbrushing on the legs felt very crusty when I got them and I combed out quite a lot of fur while trying to separate the clumped together fur and make it kinda soft again.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The hands and feet fit very nicely.
I love how form fitting the hands are and never had any trouble putting them on.

The feet are built on slippers and have been worn around the house on multiple occasions because of how comfortable they are.
While the claws are glued in apoxie sculpt and I was really afraid of losing one not a single claw has been lost, even after all the abuse they have been through.

Only 1 seam has popped on both the handpaws and feetpaws over the many hours of wear.

Visual Satisfaction

Both the hands and feet are very petite and look very nice in combination with outfits.
The shaving is nice on both parts and honestly there are no flaws that I could point out.


Wear Satisfaction

The tail is very light and a breeze to put on.
It features 2 elastic belt loops and while I was a bit doubtful on how they were sewn on nothing has come undone.
The stuffing is polyfill.

Visual Satisfaction

The tail had crusty airbrushing just like the bodysuit.
It was way shorter than I had asked.
The tail goes down to my knees and was supposed to go down to my ankles.
The markings also weren’t correct: the character has 6 “rings” on the tail while only 5 were put on.
I have since washed out the airbrushing and put the correct markings on myself.


Wear Satisfaction

Full size wings were commissioned with the suit.
With multiple missed ETA’s we agreed on these being finished and shipped out on a later date.
No WIPs were ever received and I never received my wings.

Visual Satisfaction

Not applicable


Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
The ivory fur on the suit was not the one agreed upon.
She had originally shown me honey/bone colored fur that was a lot more saturated.
I was assured multiple times that the fur didn’t look as white in person but upon receiving the suit I noticed regular ivory/off white fur was used.
After the multiple communication issues and with the whole suit finished and in my possession I let it slide and just accepted that the colors wouldn’t be anything like the concept art of the character.

Other than the wrong tail markings the markings look nice and match the concept art.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Everything matches nicely and other than the short tail is nicely proportioned to one another.

Overall Project Quality
Overall the suit looks very nice and I have gotten a lot of compliments on her.
While the inside of the suit isn’t half as nice as the outside you get what you pay for and I think I got a very nice suit for the price I payed.

While the commission experience was horrible and the suit has its flaws I would probably do it over again if I had to.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Contacted her trough FA notes and had a response in a few days.
Initial contact was fast and easy.

Maker Response Time
Horrible. I often waited over a month for a reply and had to actively work to even get a response from her.

Maker Professionalism
Very unprofessional, there were almost no WIPs while these were promised and then not sent several times.
The only WIP I ever got was of the head base before furring. Everything else was only shown upon completion.
I didn’t get pictures of the legs or tail until the suit was shipped out.

It was pretty much excuse after excuse and I had a horrible experience.
We later went over this and talked it over like adults but I regrettably had to conclude that nothing has improved.
I later commissioned a toony head to go with the rest of the suit to give her a 2nd chance to prove herself but ended up canceling it after over a year of the same stuff.
I am to this day waiting for the first part of the refund for this head and the wings that were supposed to go with this suit.
So far I have not heard back from her in over a month once again.

Project Completion Time
Completion time was very fast compared to the 5yr + wait time others on her queue have experienced. While 2 years is not completely unacceptable it felt like I was waiting a lot longer due to the horrible communication. If only she would have worked in a more professional manner I would have been totally ok with the completion time.

Shipping was once again far from smooth sailing.
The tracking showed that the package was not received while she told me she had dropped it off.
I am gonna leave it in the middle if it was actually dropped off or not but she got it moving for me a week and a half later.

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Final Comments
Here is my 2 cents on working with Faris:
Do not commission her for custom stuff (that includes extra parts for pre-mades).
She really needs to get her stuff together first and finish the years of commissions she still owes before taking on anything new.

I would only ever consider getting something else from her again if she starts working in batches of 3 suits at a time and doesn’t take on anything else before finishing those.
She keeps taking on more stuff and just makes a mess of things by piling on more work.

I do however recommend buying her pre-mades if you need nothing extra made by her or if you can buy a previously owned suit.
Shipping your item out may still take a while but the price-quality ratio makes her suits more than worth your while.

Maybe some day in the future she will clean up her mess and become the suit maker she could be.
Until then please steer clear of any custom made things or anything that needs edits before shipping out.

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  1. Faris was recently sued, not once, but TWICE, for avoiding refunds amongst other things. She has also apparently lied about being an LLC.
    Honestly, I would heavily advise avoiding this maker at all costs, as it’s quite clear she does NOT have her act together.


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