[NO] Zaros Wolf Fursuit by Lemonbrat

The item being reviewed is 6 years old and may not reflect the makers current style, or work.

General Information
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Reviewer Information
Twitter: ZarosTheFurry

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
No, this is my first fursuit.

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes, there were plenty of issues. The feet were the wrong colors, there were missed details on the body, the ears needed to be replaced, and the facial designs had to be revamped.

Wear Time
20 hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Toony, Plantigrade
Shipped From: USA

Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
3,500 USD paid in installments
Filed under $3000 - $4999 as a Payment Plan.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
13 January 2019

Project Timeline
Contact Date
August 2017
Completion/Ship Date
December 2018
Item Completion Time (?)
13 - 23 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Zaros Plantigrade Fursuit in a toony style as a commission.
Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

The head fits fine. There is a small area for the fan that attached with velcro, there’s a strap that keeps the head up in the back, and the battery pack for the fan is attached to one of the flaps on the head, with an area to bring the cords through to not have it scratch your face.

Visual Satisfaction

There are obvious creases in the cheek area for the head, which are very jagged and does not make the cheeks smooth. Not exactly sure if this is a fur issue or a foam issue, either way, it’s very annoying.The eyebrows are hard to see from the hair, which is fine, but looks a little weird. The whiskers are very pointy, which makes it hurt to touch, especially if someone’s face is near them. Eyes are follow-me.

Special Attachments and Features

Follow-me eyes work flawlessly, look great for photos.


Wear Satisfaction

Body feels fine to wear, but the bodysuit is too big. Seams are fine, but there are many loose ones, which require a lot of work to fine all of them and cut them off.

Visual Satisfaction

Bodysuit is too saggy, and it looks like that it wasn’t built off of my duct tape dummy. The midtones that were painted washed off in just one wash, which is VERY upsetting, considering that I have been told that the midtones do not fade, even though they’re drybrushed on. Very unhappy with this, Lemonbrat. The fur patterns feel weird, considering that the blue on the suit is long-furred, but the white is much shorter than the rest of the fur. The drybrushed markings feel crusty to touch.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

Interior of the feet tore, requiring fabric adhesive to stick it back on. The paws for the suit feel perfect, I have no issues with them.

Visual Satisfaction

The feet have some weird knots on them, which look like poor stitching. They were noticeable on the first day that I wore the suit. The claws on both the paws and feet look crooked, but can be put back in place just by pushing on them.


Wear Satisfaction

Wearing the tail is satisfactory; there is no obvious belt-visibility on the outside of the suit when the tail is worn.

Visual Satisfaction

Tail is shorter than what I asked for. I asked for the tail to go down to the ankles, but the tail goes down to just below my knees.


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Disappointed with the full suit. It all looked fine when I first started to wear it, but it went downhill from there. Too many loose seams, incorrect details before they were sent in for edits, tearing interior of the feet, washed off colors on the suit when it went through the washing machine, etc.

Overall Project Quality
So-so. I’m happy that the details were mostly caught and applied, but I am very unsatisfied with how the suit appears now.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Difficult to reach contact with Lemonbrat. Took a couple weeks to get the quote.

Maker Response Time
Very, very dissatisfied. Many issues would have been caught if they read their emails. There were about 200 emails sent to and from Lemonbrat within the period of me ordering my suit, mostly telling them clarification of the suit, details that should not be missed, and questions on when it would be finished.

Maker Professionalism
Nice people, poor business. Felt like that my suit was pushed aside until last minute, then was rushed. Makers did not feel like a friend, it felt like they were using me as a cash grab.

Project Completion Time
Very unsatisfied with how long it took. Lemonbrat said that their fursuits would take 2-3 months on their website, but then told me that they take about one year to finish their suits. They throw together many premades per month, but never spend the time to work on customs.

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Final Comments
Lemonbrat is a company that treats custom fursuits like a hobby, but their premades like a business. They will always whip together random premades, never inform you nor provide progress pictures of your suit, and they will never remain in-contact with you. I had to commission another fursuit business within one month before getting my fursuit back because I was so unpleased with Lemonbrat’s services and their lack of communication. The $3,500 that I have given to Lemonbrat felt like that it was put down the drain, as I was never felt treated like a valued customer. When you order from Lemonbrat, you will likely only get one shot to see what your fursuit looks like, and they will probably not give edits. I was charged about $400 in edits that could have been avoided if they were in-contact with me. They waived the fees when I called them out on that, and I was told by the owner that it should definitely be done before Halloween. I received the suit in mid-December.

Avoid this company at all costs.

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  1. This really does not surprise me. I very rarely hear good things about this company anymore, and frankly all of their suits have appeared cheap to me.

    Very sorry you weren’t given a better suit, hopefully someday they’ll learn from their mistakes.


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