[OK] Lisichka the Deer/Bat Hybrid by Nuke Creations

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Nuke Creations Based in Katowice. Crafting since 2015.

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)3+ Years

ETA AccuracyThere was no ETA given
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Review Date15 January 2022

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerTwitter: BelkaLunokhod

Prior ExperienceYes, this is my second Digi-padded suit, and my 3. fullsuit

Wear Time40-45 hours total

Informed Maker of IssuesYes the maker have been told and wants me to do the fixes myself

Lisichka – deer/bat hybrid


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: October 2018

Completion/Ship Date: December 2021

Shipping Origin: Poland

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

Specialties: None

SpeciesName: Snuffler

Found in: Euungulata, Glires(?)

Features: Horns or Antlers, Wings, Hooves

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactSaw on their web-page that they where open for comm, so send in a quote-form and got reply fairly quickly, from the form it explained what was needed from me

Maker CommunicationBad, that one word describes it…
At one point i actually feared that i would never hear back from the maker and the money was lost
When time came for my commission to be made, the comunication became better, but it was never great, didnt have anything to say about materials and colours, it sorta just happend without me getting asked
The maker have not been very communicating anywhere (primary contact was mail at first, then telegram)
In general i would give communication a 2/10 and its where the process and everything really fell appart

Some of it may stem from a langurage barrier, but some of it also was just poor comunication from the maker and a lot of excuses

Project Completion TimeI was made aware of the queue and my place in it after i had commisioned and paid for my suit, felt very left in the dark with no specifik timeline for completion and very loose ansawrs when quistions about it got asked
Took much longer then expected and was very much left in the dark for the 3ish years untill work started on my suit

Overall Project QualityIm very happy with the suit as it is for the price that i paid for it, there are some small details like a pin in a feetpaw and the fursuit-shoes breaking a little that drags it down but in all the suit is very well made, and looks amezing and fitting to the refrence material i send the maker, it feels to be high quality and very durable

The look of it all and feel of it all is very coherent both when the suit is used as a fullsuit and when used as a patial suit, it is however hard to use the feetpaws in partial due to their size, but that is a trade of, for them looking amezing and fitting for the fullsuit

The fursuit looks very much like the refrence material i gave the maker and at the same time in the makers style, so its a very good mix up there



Wear Satisfaction– The head itself is a snug fit but it dosnt in any way hurt or annoy having it on, it does mean that the head itself i difficult to get on at first but when on it stays in place very nicely despite the giant antlers and ears.
– Cleaning is a bit of a hassel since the fursuit head should be a foam head but contains multiple 3D printed parts as well, makeing cleaning a job that takes longer, but it is doable and easy
– Ventilation in the suit is great and its easy to breath, and some of the 3D parts are made in grid-patten makeing it easier for the head to get rid of heat
– Vission is fine, little blindspot in the middle but within acceptable for a fursuit of this nature

Visual SatisfactionThe head looks stunning, the seems are great and there is taken great attention to even small details down to giving patten to the lineing in the mouth and the antlers being well rounded and furred so there is little to no seems visible on them

The only negative thing about the head visually is that the detachable eyelids are put on by velcro, meaning it will wear on the fur around the eyes very quickly

One-Piece Body

Wear Satisfaction-It has a lovely fit for me, and the fursuit maker made some small adjustments to the DTD when it was made due to me loosing some weight between them reciving it and starting on the body-suit, so everything fits well without sag
-The quality of the bodysuit is very high and again the attention to detail is incredible
– Wings are made very differently from what is normally seen on bat-fursuits but they are well made and function nicely without haveing to use hands to extent them
-Interior and especially the padding of it have a bit of room for improvement, mostly in the form of better marking since it is 4 sewn pillows and you sorta have to guestimate where what pillow goes, so it takes extra time and fustration
– Airflow and heat is what to be expected in the fursuit, its hot as hell and that is just how digi-padded fursuits are
-The zipper in the back (my choice) is well hidden but at the cost of it being very difficult to close/open without getting cought in fur
-Wings are non-detachable makeing it hard to store the suit, but that is probably a trade off for them looking great

Visual SatisfactionThere is not much to say here, the fursuit-body looks abselutely amezing, matching the concept very well + a small later add on detail in the form of the tail-knot


Wear SatisfactionThe handpaws fit well, but the padding in them is very loose, especially in the fingers of the suit where you share the same room for your fingers and some sewn in padding, this makes it difficult to take on the hand-paws, this is true for both pairs of hand-paws
I have only done light cleaning to them so far, and there isnt any problems with this nor will a big clean be a problem

Visual SatisfactionBoth the pair with long claws and with short claws have been given great attention to detail visually and they both look stunning
The long clawed paws match the refrence material very well, the short claws where an alternative version that also looks great for partial especially


Wear Satisfaction1 tail is part of/sewn into the body suit and the second tail is a tail made for partial suiting, the following counts for both tails

The quality of the tail(s) is great and there is nothing that seems to break easy on them, the tail-knot is made in a way that it can be re-attached if/when someone pulls it off with a bit of work, this was my wish to have it like this, since i sadly know people will pull on this fragile part of my fursuit, so haveing the maker do it so its a "easy fix" is great
The tail(s) are filled with a padding pillow like in the legs, haveing a zipper to remove them for easy cleaning and smaller size when stored

The partial tail have 1 big belt-loop makeing for a very stable tail when wearing it for partial
The fullsuit tail is sewn in with no support inside byt due to design it looks and feels fine

Visual SatisfactionOne of my fave parts about the fursuit, the tail(s) just look stunning and moves well, the added on detail of a tail-knot is something i have never seen before but the fursuit maker did a very good job with it


Wear SatisfactionFeet paws, or should i say split-hoves are very much like a sock-paw to wear and they feel comftable, however there have been a few popped seems and i have found 1 pin left that poked me when walking, after removeing it the feet-paws became much more enjoyable to wear
The interior is padded and soft makeing the feet very snug fitting but also gives a good feeling in the feet for where they are while wearing them

The feet-paws came with accomplying outdoor shoes, thise have after first fursuit walk broken and having to be fixed, the fursuit maker did come with a guide on how to fix them

Visual SatisfactionStunning, nothing else needs to be said, one of the best pairs of split-hoves i have ever seen and the accomplying shoes also look amezing tho they where fragile sadly

Special FeaturesThe antlers themself are removeable from the head with 2 slots in the base of the head and magnets, this is partly why there is the extra 3D printed parts in the foam-base fursuit head

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Final CommentsYou have to be okay with poor comunication and very long (uknown) wait time in order to buy a suit from them, if you are okay with both then you will get a high quality, well made suit, but the time from commisioning to getting your suit is a rough one, updates are sporatic at best and non at worst

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