[OK] Static the Quadrodile by Navy Workshop

Maker Information

Navy Workshop

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)13 - 23 Months

ETA AccuracyNO - MULTIPLE ETAs were passed
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Review Date6 November 2021

RelationshipThe maker IS a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerFuraffinity: staticthequeen

Prior ExperienceI own many suits and make my own occasionally.

Wear Time20+

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, only the damage from shipping.

Static just a head


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $501 - $999

Initial Contact: May 2020

Completion/Ship Date: July 2021

Shipping Origin: Ukraine

Type: Partial

Style: Real/Toon Hybrid

Padding: None

SpeciesName: Quadrodile

Found in: Monster, Kaiju, or Demon(?)

Features: Horns or Antlers, Spikes

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactI've known this maker for a while since I brought a premade head from them back when Furbuy was still up and I've commissioned a custom character partial from them maybe a year later. I've always had close contact with them.

Maker CommunicationThe maker responds fast on Instagram. They were slow with updates and WIPs but when asked they reply fast and show progress. This maker is very nice and as previously mentioned they are making me a new head for free for the damages to this head.

Project Completion TimeI feel like it took too long to complete, the maker also provided multiple time estimates for things to be completed but were constantly pushed back.

Overall Project QualityCompared to the maker's usual quality of heads, mine is bad. But it's definitely not ugly or unwearable.

The maker shipped the head terribly with no padding. When I received it the antlers were completely broken off and a tine was broken off at the tip. I didn't want to ship it back just in case it got destroyed more so I fixed these things myself.

The head is very fragile, I have to be very careful when wearing it or I'll end up knocking the antlers loose again. I even have to be careful picking it up as I recently broke of the nose spike just by grabbing it wrong.

*I must note that the maker has offered to make me a new head of a new character for free as an apology for the damage to the head*

The base itself is very strong and durable.

But even considering all the down sides I've mentioned I still say it is worth the price, it was a cheaper head compared to a lot of makers so I'm not too mad that it's not the best quality possible with zero flaws. I'm just more disappointed that it's lower quality than the previous heads I've bought from them. I feel like if you have a basic character this maker will do an outstanding job but this time they jumped in to the deep end too fast.

I do feel like my commission spot was kicked back out of queue a few times for pre-mades and other commissions though.

The head is a 6/10 quality wise.
The hands are 9/10.



Wear SatisfactionThe head is very top heavy at the snout so the straps in the head need to be tightened hard to keep it straight (I was warned about the top heaviness near the end of completion).

The head has a big blind spot in the middle, it's hard to see straight without constantly turning my head.
Very good ventilation through the eyes, mouth and nose.

The adjustment straps in the head are very uncomfortable, they are hard and some parts are not connected to anything so they dig into my head and pull my hair when it gets tangled in it. They are also made of plastic.

The head has a moving jaw but the base was made so big that the maker added some Velcro padding for the chin, forehead area and cheeks, as well as the mentioned plastic straps. The chin padding doesn't help the jaw be more moveable so I have to tighten the straps in the head as much as possible, which also makes it more uncomfortable.

The head is lined with fleece but luckily it doesn't make the head feel hot to wear.

Visual SatisfactionThe head looks very good from a distance but up close there's a few things that make it look tacky.

The shaving is very uneven compared to previous suits I've owned from this maker. One cheek is shaved down a little too much and makes the backing visible, under the jaw looks very bumpy, the ears look strangely bumpy like they wanted the fur to be half length but accidentally shaved too short in some spots.

The bottom jaw set straight up doesn't fit in the mouth, you can easily see under the gums through to the other side and the end of the jaw just randomly sticks out at the back. The jaw also has huge globs of glue all around the inside of the lips, which are also very easy to see up close.

Before the maker sent the head I noticed a few inconsistencies compared to the reference which they fixed once I mentioned them (Spikes were the wrong colour, missing some spikes in the row).
But this also has caused another problem where now the paint is rubbing off the spikes to show the old colour underneath.

All the fur markings are perfect like in the reference and the maker went above and beyond to print and attach so many spikes to the head, even some for the shoulders which I think is very good of them

The nose is not correct at all but I won't blame the maker since I assumed it would be different and I didn't tell them otherwise during the WIP pictures. I also didn't notice during the pictures that the face scar was missing (I added it later on, not pictured).


Wear SatisfactionThe paws fit me perfectly and are very nice to wear. They aren't lined but that's not even noticeable to me.

The claws have some paint chipping off at the very tips but it's not noticeable.

Visual SatisfactionShaving is very good, the padding on the beans are all the same size, all the markings are correct.
They are visually perfect.

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Final CommentsAs stated, if you have a more basic generic character this maker is outstanding for you if you don't mind waiting a long time.

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