[YES] Loki the Red Panda Partial by Fox Floof Studios

Maker Information

Fox Floof Studios

Year of Project2019

Completion Time (?)4 - 6 Months

ETA AccuracyThere was no ETA given
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In other words, an estimated turnaround time.
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Review Date16 November 2021

RelationshipThe maker IS a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerTwitter: lokahipanda

Prior ExperienceNo

Wear Time70+

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, The lining was detached in the mouth, neck fur was short, and the zipper seam popped, all were fixed by the maker

Loki Partial


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $500 and under

Initial Contact: April 2019

Completion/Ship Date: August 2019

Shipping Origin: Local pickup

Type: Partial

Style: Toony

Padding: None

Specialties: None

SpeciesName: Red Panda

Found in: Musteloidea(?)

Features: Hair / Wig

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactIncredibly easy the maker did not have a slot system at the time of commissioning, I contacted them on telegram and paid in cash, the maker paid a great deal of attention to asking me about details and what i preferred throughout the building process.

Maker CommunicationThe maker responded within a day or two, and remained consistent on contact method. The maker was very pleasant to work with and wanted to ensure I enjoyed the product.

Project Completion TimeI was the only suit being worked on at the time and there was not a timeline set up before hand. The maker even delivered the suit on short notice with a few details not finished, for an event, and I then returned it to be completed. Both times delivery was in person as we lived close by.

Overall Project QualityYes absolutely, for the price paid and being their first commission this item has exceeded all expectations. It wears great, is durable, and easy to clean. I am amazed at the difficulty required to sew the star, and the modifications the maker has made since completion to ensure a satisfied customer.



Wear SatisfactionMy eyes get crossed when i take it off, but otherwise no complaints. Being a wah the muzzle is short and provides ample ventilation and ability to drink fluids. The fit is just right, nothing uncomfortable about it.

Visual SatisfactionI love the style of it but am sometimes bugged by the ears not looking symmetric, but this is a minor issue and hard to notice unless it is pointed out. In the future i would go with a brighter green for the star but that choice was on me, i was given two options and picked the darker one.


Wear SatisfactionThe tail hangs slightly between my legs and as such is awkward to walk with. I did have to repair a small hole near the base shortly after receiving it, but otherwise it is very durable and can be shaken violently by the belt loops to poof it out.

Visual SatisfactionDue to the hanging between the legs, the tail often turns to one side while walking. The colors match exactly to the head which was purchased at a different time. The base of the tail can sometimes be seen.

Special FeaturesThere is a build a bear scent placed in my hair that the maker had to pull out of a eevee plush and then repair. The smell is still smell-able after 2 years.

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