[YES] Cinna the Fruit Bat Cat Paws by Shamrock Scales

General Information
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Reviewer Information
Instagram: lavender.pasta

Relationship With Maker
The maker IS a friend

Prior Experience
Yes, I have a full partial by the same maker

Informed Maker of Issues
No, everything was perfect!

Wear Time
30 Hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Paw Sets
Style: Toony
Shipped From: USA

Fruit Bat Cat
Found in Felidae, Glires (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
$130 USD paid in a lump sum
Filed under $100 and under as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
3 June 2020

Project Timeline
Contact Date
May 2020
Completion/Ship Date
May 2020
Item Completion Time (?)
1 - 3 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Cinna the fruit bat cat paws in a toony style as a commission.
Photos of Completed Product

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The insides are so soft! They’re very comfy to wear and they stay cool when I suit for a long period of time! They blend well with my arm sleeves but the puff around the wrist poofs a little to give them more character!
Movement in them is AMAZING! I can move each finger (or four, in this case) with ease and I can grab things super easily!
They slip on and off very well, it’s easy to get my fingers in the slots, and they don’t fall or slip off at all, even with lots of movement!

Visual Satisfaction

Seams are in order and aesthetically pleasing to look at! Fingers/toe beans aren’t leaning sideways, they are facing forward. Indents on the main paw pad are very pleasing to the eye and correct for feline anatomy!
These paws match my character perfectly. The colors and length of fur/claws match!
The fur is soft, even on the shaved parts, and can be brushed easily.


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
The colors match my suit (both are made by Shamrock!) and fit very well! They blend with my arm sleeves, go well with the head, and aren’t too big/small to match the suit. It is perfectly consistent with Shamrock’s style and the suit’s style.

Overall Project Quality
I am BEYOND HAPPY with these paws! They’re fun to wear, cute to look at, and made very sturdy! Shamrock continues to be a pleasure to work with and my number one favorite fursuit maker.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Contacting Shamrock is always a breeze! She’s very friendly, straight forward, and easy to communicate with.

Maker Response Time
Shamrock is very quick to respond and is also vocal about times she’ll be offline.

Maker Professionalism
Professionalism is one of Shamrock’s many strong suits. While she’s very friendly and warm, she also works diligently, carefully, and listens well to commissioners. She communicates clearly and isn’t vague about time frames, prices, and so on.

Project Completion Time
The paws took about a month to finish, which is incredibly fast! She’s very good at communicating time frames and exceptions. The package arrived super duper quick and included lots of fun goodies!

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Final Comments
Working with Shamrock is always pleasant! I cannot recommend her enough to everyone I meet, friends and strangers alike. Her work is well made appearance and durability wise. You never have to fret when she’s working with you, she’s constantly providing wips and communicating clearly 🙂

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