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Reviewer Information
Furaffinity: Fellpony

Relationship With Maker
The maker IS a friend

Prior Experience
Yes. Had a lamb partial premade, a goat fullsuit premade, a custom fullsuit also made by Shagpoke, and now this one.

Informed Maker of Issues
I would have if there had been issues but there was not!

Wear Time
I’d say about 20 total.
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Realistic
Shipped From: USA

Found in Euungulata (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
Don’t remember exact price. Somewhere around 2000 USD.
Filed under $1000 - $2999 as a None.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
30 October 2016

Project Timeline
Contact Date
October 2015
Completion/Ship Date
June 2016
Item Completion Time (?)
7 - 12 Months

Character Concept Art
I no longer have it but it is not accurate to the suit. It was more of a guideline anyway, as it was an artistic liberty suit — basic thing was “pink pegasus, pink, dark pink, white and gray color scheme, spots”

Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

I have to say my head is really small for my size. This head was built off a premade foam base, and most bases are built for larger head sizes. Especially as this is a horse head and thus has a long muzzle, it’s not easy to fit my head without a tiny bit of slippage. That said, this head is hardly loose — but as there is a tiny bit of slippage, I wear a halter that helps hold the head on just that much more tightly to prevent any slippage at all! I don’t know if it’s lined but it doesn’t really need to be as I wear a balaclava under. When commissioning I told Shagpoke that ventilation is the most important thing to me.. and she succeeded in this regard! I can wear this suit for long periods of time without issue. Most of the time, pointing my nose at a fan is more than necessary; no need to take the head off. The vision is what’s to be expected in a tear duct vision suit on an equine and it leaves some to be desired, but this isn’t a problem for me. I do have to turn my head to see, and cannot see directly in front of myself.

Visual Satisfaction

I’m extremely happy with this head! The symmetry as expected from Shagpoke is perfect. Nothing lopsided, nothing glaringly incorrect. The shaving is very smooth and barely noticable. No backing anywhere, no choppiness. The transition from short to long looks like it grew that way. The fur is amazingly high quality and is very very soft and petable! There was some sort of spray used around the mouth that gives the illussion of lips that’s rough to touch but why are you reaching a hand into my mouth anyhow, weirdo?! There is subtle airbrushing down the bridge of the nose and in a couple spots that does not leave the fur feeling off at all, and it’s very lovely! Adds a lot to what would already have been a pretty suit. The expression is realistic while not seeming unfriendly, which is awesome. Fell’s even got a little smile going on. Love it!


Wear Satisfaction

Absolutely love this body! The body fits just loose enough for free movement without risk of seam breakage, tight enough to where I’m not a baggy sack of potatoes, whether in motion or standing still. Shagpoke has amazing quality and everything is well put together and secure, no popped seams on arrival or since, no areas that feel alarmingly tight. The interior is not lined but there is no reason for that anyhow. Not messy on the inside! No fur sticking through seams or anything. Air flow is good enough for a digitigrade suit!

Visual Satisfaction

Everything is as symmetrical as it can be. No lopsidedness. There is no shaving though there are sharp variations in fur lengths — this was requested, I like the look! The fur is all super super soft and I do have to mention specifically the white fur used. Any full suiter will know that armpits, booty, and crotch tend to get matted and icky looking very quickly. On some furs, this can get very difficult to brush out. The white fur used in these areas however brushes out SO easy. No ripping or tugging at the fur. Much higher quality than my previous two fullsuits! There is no airbrushing as I prefer my bodies to be easily washed. The colors and materials are wonderful!

Special Attachments and Features

I have really weirdly shaped legs due to a tendon issue in my feet. I had a digitigrade goat fursuit ( not shagpoke ) in the past that I loved the look of but it was extremely difficult to put on and I was risking popping half the seams in the legs every time I put it on because the way it worked was put the body on then shove pillows into the knees / ankles to create the digitigrade effect. This was almost impossible for me to do because my calves are huge and hard and thus I usually went without the suit’s ankles which was fine when holding still but looked extremely dumb in motion. Shagpoke did away with the pillow method which creates weird motion and the digitigrade is made using custom built padded ‘fatsuit’ pants which is stuffed with polyfill. Very very easy to put on and off and doesn’t strain the suit! I absolutely LOVE this. I can have the body suit on in seconds rather than the many minutes it used to take.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The hands are one-size-fits-all and thus fit perfectly! They are comfortable to wear, and allow for decent enough movement considering they’re hooves. As the hands do not secure to the sleeves with anything I always fear like they will show skin but I’ve been told by buds that they in fact do not! It’s impossible for them to slide off as there is a handle inside that you hold onto. I can put them on easily but sometimes need help adjusting the second hoof as once one hoof is on I have zero ability to manipulate the other hoof haha! The quality is amazing! These things could get run over by a truck and not notice. There is no risk of seam poppage whatsoever as there is no strain on the fabric at any time. No paw pads / claws, that’d be weird.. No lining but lining is not necessary.

Feet look beautiful, are very easy to put on / take off and are made with a beautiful fur that has a lot of movement to it as I walk. LOVE these feet! The hooves are made of some sort of soft material that looks properly hoof-like but doesn’t risk damage to property thank goodness. They are marked clearly which shoe goes on which foot which is good ’cause I’m a dumbdumb. 🙂 I can easily put the feet on without assistance! No risk of seam popping. They are lined, sort’ve, with the same material the ‘fat pants’ are made out of. The shoe base was shoes I sent in, the bottom of the feet appear to be standard shoe treading that don’t seem to have trouble slipping or anything.

Visual Satisfaction

Both hands and feet are solid colored and thus symmetry does not apply. There is no shaving on either, nor is there transition of fur lengths. The fur is beautiful! I don’t know what fur this is but it’s a long pile white fur that has a ton of motion, very fitting for horse feathers! The hand hooves are resin and the feet again are some sort of soft rubbery material that doesn’t scuff and holds its shape extremely well, I would know, I’ve accidentally squished the hooves a few times woops.

Special Attachments and Features

I had a previous horse suit made by Shagpoke that had a different kind of hand hooves.. they look similar on the outside but on the inside it used to be a fabric strap. This was cozy to hold but the heat generated inside handhooves is intense and thus the strap warped and stretched over time meaning it needed repairs after literally every use. This has been replaced with a solid resin bar that is worlds of improvement! Very happy with this adjustment. Allows the same shenanigans of the old hooves without the need for gallons of glue!

Wear Satisfaction

Shagpoke is REALLY good at horse tails. After the head, the tail is generally the number one most complimented thing when I’m walking around. The tail can make sitting a little difficult ( but honestly for me that isn’t a problem ) due to the nature of it being very long hair but it’s very comfortable, it has a LOT of movement and swaying as I walk. It’s extremely easy to put on. The quality is superb! I know horse tails are extremely tedious to make but there is no cutting corners here ( at least that I can see )! I love the added touch of binding the base of the tail with ribbon so it looks more upright rather than just hanging limp too.

Visual Satisfaction

No symmetry necessary, no shaving obviously, no fur on the tail! The color of the tail and the materials used for it are beautiful! Very natural for a shade of purple and it doesn’t tangle easily at all, which is very surprising to me!


Wear Satisfaction

The wings are small / lightweight, poseable with wires, and snap onto the body suit. The only downside of this is that they can only be worn with the bodysuit without altering them but that’s fine! They are very sturdy and do not wiggle much except with the most vigorous movement and the only thing that seems to mess with them is accidentally leaning against something while wearing them.. but that’s no fault of the maker!

Visual Satisfaction

They’re small and adorable, and I love the design of them! Perfect!


Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
N/A, concept art was a suggestion, the suit’s final design was artistic liberty! I’m happy with said design.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
Everything is perfect as to be expected!

Overall Project Quality
I love this suit! He’s fun to wear, fun to act as, gets lots of compliments, looks beautiful no matter what! I’ve gone to Shagpoke for several projects and I know by now that quality is guaranteed.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
I’m a returning customer of Shagpoke’s and it’s always been extremely easy to contact them!

Maker Response Time
In my experience, response time tends to be usually same day, sometimes next day depending on when the email was sent. If there’s to be any pause from contact, Shagpoke will let you know ahead of time.

Maker Professionalism
Shagpoke and I are friends, but she still knows when to keep business as business and when it’s okay to be more informal. Definite A+ as far as professionalism is concerned!

Project Completion Time
As mentioned before the original deadline was missed by like a day but that was okay as the suit was no longer needed by that time and Shagpoke was informed of this. However, the suit was done around the same time anyway! Gave me enough time to try everything out before the next con I planned on going to!

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Final Comments
Pros: Everything. Cons: Nothing. Shagpoke is the one-stop-shop for most fursuiting needs. Have bought several things from her, will totally buy more things again. Easy to work with, easy to bounce ideas off of, is a genius when it comes to the trade.

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