[YES] Fringe the Wolf/Lab Partial by Lizard Love Mustache

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LLM Costumes | Lizard Loves Mustache (LLMFURS) Based in Indiana. Crafting since Oct 2007.

Year of Project2020

Completion Time (?)7 - 12 Months

ETA AccuracyYES - the ETA was accurate
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Review Date5 July 2021

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerTwitter: Dizzyshroom8

Prior ExperienceI only had a pair of handpaws prior from another maker

Wear Time30+

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, I had no Issues except in the making phase in which initially some details were left out, however this was fixed right before the making phase

Fringe the Wolf Partial


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $1000 - $2999

Initial Contact: January 2020

Completion/Ship Date: November 2020

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Partial

Style: Toony

Padding: None

SpeciesName: Wolf/Lab

Found in: Canidae(?)

Features: None

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactI found the maker on Get Fursuit on the "Maybe Open" tab and contacted them via the form from their site, they emailed me a quote within a week and we worked from there. once it got to where my suit was paid and later they started, They were very easy to understand what they needed from me.

Maker CommunicationThey got back to me fairly quickly and communication for the suit was a mix of email on the initial start of my suit, and Twitter messages for the latter half of finishing the suit and getting it sent.
aside from missing a few things from my initial quote all this was fixed before they started on my suit
Overall it was a pleasant experience, and they were easy to talk to and work with!

Project Completion TimeIt was a pleasant surprise to see my suit finished before the year was up, Eta was fairly accurate too! The suit showed up in a couple of weeks after shipment which was very quick in my opinion.

Overall Project QualityYes, overall, he's fun to just take good pictures in and I never feel uncomfortable, It exceeded my expectations, it matched the ref, and it was a pleasure getting him in hand, everything fit right out of the box, and was worth it. Im just very happy with Fringe!



Wear SatisfactionThe Head takes a certain way to put on and does clear my glasses, it is comfy and breathes fairly well, I can keep it on for a extended amount of time aorund 2+ hours without feeling exhausted, despite being a bit warm, it is easy to clean based off the instructions my maker gave me. I use a solution (provided with my suit in how to make) and a few fans to make sure its nice and sanitized after long photoshoots. I can see fairly well and can take my own pictures mostly without assistance, the blind spots are on my sides and due to the height of the head I sometimes get the left ear caught on door frames, however that is my error, it has taken sometime to get used to how much bigger I am with the head on.
Overall a great build

Visual SatisfactionThe head turned out great! I was scared it would be a challenge but my maker nailed it and it is perfectly symmetrical, despite being 2 canines in one with different features, the teeth on the left are accurate to how I wanted them and the neutral face on the right has the perfect floppy ears I wanted. The eyes are just great too, the heterochromia is just right on both.

The Fur is nice and soft, not choppy and feels good to the touch, the tuft of hair is a little rough but is district and matches the reference, they did a great job on it in particular.

The expression is just how I imagined it, so no complaints here! All in all it goes beyond the concept art!


Wear SatisfactionThe paws are comfy and the armsleeves are perfectly snug, the stay on just fine together or separate. The paws are easy to get off for phone based shoots and when they are on, I almost wanna keep them on they're so comfy, however even on, I have no problem handling things with them. The sleeves do their job for short sleeve activities, so no complaints, they stay up just fine.

Visual SatisfactionPaws are puffy on the pads, the claws are soft, both are identical other than hand, and feel about the same in hand and on hand. Everything is just about perfect on them, on how they feel and look. colors are almost 1 to 1 which made me very happy! and they do match the art! armsleeves look good when paired with the paws!


Wear SatisfactionIt attaches to a belt loop and weighs the right amount to seat itself when the belt is tight in a comfy position, it has enough give to pose for sitting too! simple attachment, simple feel, great tail!

Visual SatisfactionIt looks and feels like I imagined it, it feels pillowly in build, and it curls this the right way for some personality, colors are 1 to 1 to the ref, overall great!


Wear SatisfactionFor the feet I provided shoes my size for a snug fit, it is a bit difficult for me to get them on, but once on they feel comfy and I have no problems with them. They are made for outdoor usage and as such has made outdoor shoots a dream, as far as I can tell no seams have popped or shown, overall a good feeling pair of feet and I may have to get indoor ones to match!

Visual SatisfactionMatches the art, pretty big in proportion but looks great when fully dressed up and make a great silhouette, feel weighty too, and almost like pillows on the surface. Everything matches like the previous pieces!

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Final CommentsLLM Costumes is a great maker, I would highly recommend if you're looking for a casual use suit with a reference accurate design, they make their own heads from scratch which leads to no two heads looking alike not just in color but in shape too! The build quality is immaculate and they are a wonder to work with, all and all, Great to work with and willing to tackle any design 10/10

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