[YES] Ryhan Malinois based canine by One Eyed Doe

Maker Information

One Eyed Doe

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)3+ Years

ETA AccuracyNO - MULTIPLE ETAs were passed
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Review Date6 July 2021

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information

Prior ExperienceYes, this is not my first fursuit. I have had two other resin base masks and one foam head, along with multiple times modeling for a friend.

Wear Time10+

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, we did discuss the leg sleeves not fitting properly



ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: June 2017

Completion/Ship Date: March 2021

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Partial

Style: Real/Toon Hybrid

Padding: None

SpeciesName: Malinois based canine

Found in: Canidae(?)

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Initial ContactExtremely easy. I believe the opening was announced on Twitter and FA if my memory is correct.

Maker CommunicationEarly contact was limited since my suit wasn't being worked on but once the suit was started, communication was great. Contact was almost every single day for the duration of my project during her work hours.

We started communication on Twitter, then we moved to telegram, then it was to email and last was on discord. Id say over all the communication was business like but there was some friendly conversation here and there which I enjoyed. I always like to get to know people a little better when I'm working on a project unless they prefer not too. It personally makes me feel a little better about my commission to know who I am working with.

When the deadlines were missed she would let me know what was going on and I was understanding and still am. Makers aren't robots, they are people with lives. There was one time where I reached out to her about a mask commission that was put in front of mine without my knowledge. I wasn't angry or upset I was curious and just wanted an explanation to which she told me that he had paid a significant amount for just a mask and that there was a rush order. As long as a line of communication is open with me and is honest, I have no problems.

The overall communication again was great while my project was on going with some friendly conversation here and there.

Project Completion TimeFrom start to finish of the actual project took about….6-7 months I believe? Which I feel is a reasonable amount of time to complete a project.

I was aware of my place in the queue as well. This was the only time I commissioned outside of my friend who is a maker that finished through with my project and I did ask for some updates occasionally of when my project could expect to be started that were missed. Originally she told me that she would begin work on ryhan in March of 2018, that passed due to some other projects taking a little longer, then I was told June of 2019, which was passed and when that other mask was added. There was not ETA after the June one that stands out. 2020 was difficult because she had become pregnant (which I was very happy for her) and she needed time for maternity leave which everyone should. August of 2020 is when she really started nailing down my project and she was completed within 6-7 months.

Items were shipped about a week after completion for the video release which is expected. I do video and photoshoots myself and they can be extremely time consuming to film and complete.

Overall Project QualityOverall I am extremely happy with my suit. She came out visually stunning and is very easy and comfortable to wear. The zipper on the back of the hood is easy to do by myself if needed and it also gives a cute little mohawk down the back.

The mask is sturdy, it's cast thick but is not overly heavy on my head and has survived with no damage a fall from my desk to the floor after my cat pushed it off the desk while I was grabbing the brush. I hope to not make a habit out of this but it is peace of mind knowing that it is very durable with an unexpected test drop.

All of the seams feel strong and not like they are going to come apart which is great because the suit will be used for dancing and other physical activities. The project definitely exceeded my expectations and she looked so much better in person than I ever imagined. The suit is extremely high quality and she put a lot of love and hardwork into making sure my suit was exactly as I wanted.

The suit flows well together and all of the pieces are cohesive. There isn't anything that looks out of place and looks extremely cute. I seriously couldn't be more pleased with how she fits overall and her visually is just so amazing. Ryhan looks like ryhan but there is some classic OneEyedDoe flair in there. The suit doesn't look exactly the same as the last. It is still unique but in doe's style for sure.



Wear SatisfactionThe head is great! There is padding on the inside of the mask that I can remove to clean which is really nice. The head fits me pretty well, when my hair is in a balaclava it can be a bit loose but is a very easy and simple fix. The lining for the very inside of the mask feels like a very soft fleece material which cover's all the Harper edges that come with having a resin mask, the neck and back of the neck hood are all lined with a customer OED Lycra that is very breathable and comfortable.

I haven't had much of a problem with sweat (obviously it still gets hot) but I haven't had to take it off to wipe my eyes because if sweat dripping into them.

The head also has some great ventilation due to the size of the eyes and there is a mini fan installed into the muzzle. The only thing I wish is that the elastic around the fan was slightly tighter, but it's really a personal preference.

The vision out of the suit is great! I feel I have a relatively wide range of vision and I don't have many blindspots.

Visual SatisfactionThe head looks perfect. The markings are all symmetrical, the colors are correct and the hair is gorgeous. The airbrushing she did on the mask and hair look great and is still relatively soft even after being airbrushed. I've had suits with airbrushing before so I know that it is going to change the texture slightly when done properly.

The shaving is great as well. It's all even and very cleanly done. I haven't seen any nicks that go to the backing just one very very small spot on the right side (side with hair) of the muzzle just below one of the pockmarks seems to be slightly shorter than the rest of the shaving.

The fur die used is absolutely stunning and I have always loved her choices of fur. They are very soft, plush and match the colors accordingly with the ref sheet. It's easily brushed and is super soft. I only had one fur request and that was the black arctic fox fur that was used on the longer black fur parts. (The feet are a different black but it's still very thick, plush and soft)

Overall I am very VERY satisfied with how ryhan looks. She looks better than I imagined her too and I really appreciate doe taking the time to get every single detail just right to match the character.

Upper Body

Wear SatisfactionThe armsleeves fit fantastic. They are snug on my arm to not cause it to slip but not restrictive in the movement which is very nice.

Quality is up to par with the mask and the seams feel extremely durable. I do not feel like I have to be delicate with them and that they are made to last.

The sleeves are lined with that custom Lycra and is very soft and comfortable on my arms. It does not cause any weird rubbing or chaffing which is nice. It does absorb sweat well on my arms more of like an underarmor shirt.

I feel the sleeves breath about as I expect them too. They aren't unbearable to wear. I cant feel air moving through them because of the thicker fur but I'd still say they are within a comfortable heat range that you can expect with fursuit sleeves.

Visual SatisfactionThe arm sleeves again, look fantastic they match the ref, the markings are even on both sleeves and they look visually stunning. She even went through with thinning shears and cut the fur down slightly on the striped to make them stand out but not mess with the flow direction of the fur.


Wear SatisfactionThe hands started out a little tight on me but they have loosened with more wear which, I was informed of by doe. Even though they still fit a little snug they are comfortable and have great dexterity which is what I wanted with her style. They are comfortable to wear and they don't cut off circulation to my fingers. The cuff of the paw pads has a very nice biased tape lining them which gives a very smooth edge look and also makes them easier to put on because I don't feel like I have to fight and tug on the fur.

Visual SatisfactionThe hands are beautiful. She went through and shaved out the knuckle spots a bit, I love the longer fur on the hand and the shaved fur on the fingers, the shaving is even around them and they just look amazing. She used a mochi fabric style for the paw pads which is extremely soft. They are stuffed slightly too which gives them an adorable little bump on the palm pad.

Lower Body

Wear SatisfactionIts difficult because they don't really fit. This wasn't on doe though, I took the measurements and then shortly after lost about 20lbs in the span of a month so the measurements were inaccurate. I should have expressed this and given die the new measurements after I had lost that weight which is on me. She did tell me how to fix them which I appreciate and she still even apologized for them not fitting correctly. Again, this is on me and not her. Visually I like the style direction we took with the bell bottom fit to go over the paws I personally feel like it blends better and gives it a cuter look.

The inside of those are also lined with that Lycra which makes them super soft and comfortable. These do breath very well due to them being that Bell bottom shape so when I walk it has a nice breeze running through which I like.

Visual SatisfactionVisually, even though they are simple they match the ref perfectly. They are again even and symmetrical which goes along with that quality I expected with this suit.


Wear SatisfactionI'm really happy with how the tail turned out. The tail has two nylon belt loops and the backing for that is fleece which gives it a clean edge around the base of the tail for easy access. The only thing I would have to say is the belt loops were a bit tight at first and it was difficult to get a belt through but it has stretched and loosened with more wear.

The belt loops look like they are sewn and glued to the fleece backing of the tail which makes me feel better. Just adds another level of durability since the tail does have a lot of movement and tension that is being brought into it.

Visual SatisfactionVisually the tail matches the reference provided and I am satisfied with how it looks. The fur is all very soft and plush.


Wear SatisfactionThe feet are extremely comfortable. She used a slip on athletic shoe base which is snug and comfortable. They are easy to put on and I don't feel like I have to fight with them. They are also light weight which is very nice. I don't feel like I'm clomping around and they are nimble enough so I feel I don't have to stomp but can walk normal without feel like I am going to trip over myself.

The bottom of the paw is a hard rubber sole made for outdoor use and indoor use. It has a gripping texture on the bottom so I don't feel like I am going to slip and fall which is very nice.

The inside of the shoe has an adorable vinyl decal of the new OED logo which I thought was a very cute touch. Since the shoe is an athletic running shoe, the material used is extremely breathable and I honestly feel like I'm wearing a normal pair of shoes. My feet don't get super hot which is nice and they are very comfortable.

Visual SatisfactionThe feet look great! They match the ref perfectly. She even added some cute little claws to them that is made from a very sturdy but soft material (I apologize, I am unaware of the type of fabric she used) but it holds up well to brushing. There is no fraying one the claws or on the paws after several brushes nor has the airbrush on the toes rubbed off to my knowledge.

The shaving on the toes is all even and nice and as I stated earlier, the black on the paws is a slightly shorter pile (1-2 inch) black fur which still matches the Arctic fox fur I requested but won't make it weird looking if I just wear the paws without the leg sleeves.

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Final CommentsPersonally, I love my suit and the quality alone is enough to make me recommend commissioning them. Ryhan is absolutely stunning to look at and is very VERY high quality which made the wait worth it. I cannot express how much I love her and how thankful I am that doe took on my little weirdo for a commission. The only thing I would have liked to be different is to know more accurately I had been waiting. If I was told from the beginning the start date may be 3 years from then I would have been more ok with it. I know that life happens and that everyone has personal lives and needs, plus, global pandemic which is why I am not upset about the wait time at all. There were some times i would have liked to been a little more informed on some things.
Doe is a lovely person to work with and she is very pleasant and did many things for me like streaming with me while she was working, showed me many different wips and project updates and was an overall sweetheart to me. She really takes a lot of time and care on everything that goes into the costumes which I seriously appreciate. It made ryhan so much better knowing that she was as invested in creating her physically as I was.

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