[YES] Fusker Fox/Husky Fullsuit by Jesse Frosst

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Reviewer Information
Twitter: Fusker8

Relationship With Maker
The maker IS a friend

Prior Experience
No, this is my first suit.

Informed Maker of Issues
No major issues with my suit. Everything is extremely well made and only needed very minor adjustments.

Wear Time
30+ Hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Fullsuit
Style: Real/Toon Hybrid, Digitigrade
Shipped From: USA

Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
6,000 USD paid in a lump sum
Filed under $6000 and over as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
12 April 2020

Project Timeline
Contact Date
June 2019
Completion/Ship Date
December 2019
Item Completion Time (?)
4 - 6 Months

Item Being Reviewed
Fusker Full Body Suit with digitigrade padding in a real/toon hybrid style as a commission.
Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

The head is very comfortable, I’ve worn it for 15 hours straight in the past at conventions. Jesse is incredibly responsive to how your suit fits on you, her willingness to make sure your suit feels comfortable is fantastic. Your head is held in by a Velcro strap that connects to the resin, then you pull a zipper down in the back to secure yourself further.

The ventilation is excellent, if you’re willing to pay a little more, she puts a very high CFM 40mm fan inside of the nose. She also designs the nostrils as ventilation holes for intake to the fan. The head design for this is very well thought out, the fan pulls in air through the mouth and nose and pushes it out through the eyes of the head. This is how I was able to be in suit for 15 hours straight without any issues!

Resin heads generally have very good vision, the only issue I have with vision is if you strap the head onto yourself in a slightly offset position, you will have to take the head off and re-position the straps a little bit, but that’s purely user error, you just have to pay attention to how you’re strapping yourself inside the head if you’re not used to it, make sure your eyes are lining up before you pull the zipper.

Visual Satisfaction

Jesse’s head designs are by far the best I have ever seen. She’s able to get these incredibly looks that are a perfect balance between toony and realistic. Every design I’ve seen her come up with is just stunningly beautiful.

Aesthetics from her designs are incredibly well thought out all the way down to keeping everything perfectly symmetrical. I’ve spent a few years looking around at different makers and Jesse’s head designs absolutely have stood out to me the most.


Wear Satisfaction

The body suit is nice and snug and form fitted. Jesse likes to make her suits completely fitted to your body, it’s important to remember to give her a very very accurate duct tape dummy. She does incredibly well at making the fur fit exactly to your shape.

I’m very happy with how the build quality is of this suit, it’s double stitched all the way around, she really thinks about the longevity of her work. She’s incredibly receptive to feedback, if there’s something that could be slightly improved, she takes a lot of pride in her work and does her absolute best to make sure that you are getting something that’s going to last you for a very long time.

I’m so happy with the work that she’s done with this commission that i’m considering doing another one with her in the future. If you are stressed about doing your first commission, or even if you’ve had many commissions done before, she’ll take care of you.

Visual Satisfaction

The form fitting body looks fantastic, there’s hardly any wrinkles anywhere on the body, she really makes sure to buy some of the highest quality faux fur. All the pattern work done is incredibly accurate, it looks as close as possible to the reference it’s truly amazing how much attention to detail is put into these suits. If you commission her, make sure your reference sheet is accurate!

The fur she uses is incredibly soft and feels great on you, not only that but the fur she picks out looks fantastic in pictures and in person. Again, she puts a lot of detail into her suits, if she feels like a certain type of fur is used that will look bad in pictures, she wont order it. Jesse knows that her suits get many pictures taken of them, because of this she ensures to buy fur that looks great not only in person, but in pictures too.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The craft work really continues on, all the way to the hands and feet. The feet paws are incredibly soft and plush with minky fabric on the pads, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear.

She doesn’t put any shoes inside of the feet paws, I think that’s much better because it’s way more comfortable, it feels like your wearing giant slippers, which is just fantastic. I’ve never come back from suiting with my feet hurting like crazy.

Visual Satisfaction

Again, she’s very detail oriented, everything on this suit is incredibly well made and looks fantastic. I can’t help but to show people just how good looking the feet and hand paws are.

I ordered both indoor and outdoor paws from her, I’d recommend doing that because these indoor paws look amazing and are perfect for photo shoots, so I try and keep them clean and looking great by wearing my outdoor paws when i’m wandering around the con space.


Wear Satisfaction

She makes her tails attached to the body by default, but you can always request to have your tail detachable. I think you’ll find that having the tail attached is a better open and it’s less of a hassle to deal with when you’re trying to suit up.

I also wouldn’t worry about the tail being attached to the body breaking seams overtime from the weight, she puts a ton of stitching that connects the tail to the body, so there’s preventative steps she makes to keep anything from falling apart. Again, I wouldn’t worry about anything about her suits falling apart, she takes great care in making sure it’s made right to begin with.

Visual Satisfaction

She did a great job making sure my tail markings were exact just like my commission!


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
I don’t really have any complaints about this suit, I’ve been extremely happy with how everything came together. The suit fit immediately when I got it, everything will be very snug when you first put it on, but that’s normal, she makes her suits very form fitted and just know that it will break in over time to your body.

It’s really important that you get your measurements correct for her the first time, or you can make your odds worse for your suit not fitting. She’s never had someone have a suit that doesn’t fit her, but it’s good to note that you get a very well made duct tape dummy because of that very reason. Not only that, but make sure your head and hand measurements are exact because she really gets her measurements as close as absolutely possible.

Overall Project Quality
Outstanding quality, if you got money to spend and want something that looks unreal and is built very durably she will be the best option.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
I did have a tough time getting in touch with her at first, I messaged her through twitter and eventually got a hold of her Telegram. I met her a couple times at a con and just kept reminding her about doing a commission. She has changed her process since then, she has her own website and worked to make this easier for everyone.

Maker Response Time
At first it took a very long time to get a response back, but after getting to know her I understand why. She gets an unimaginable amount of messages while also working on finishing up commissions in a timely manner. So it’s important to remember to be patient, kind and understanding about that.

Maker Professionalism
She’s very transparent, she tells you how it is and does so professionally.

Project Completion Time
Jesse works at an incredible speed, she’s just so unbelievably fast at making these suits while also being so detail oriented.

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Final Comments
Jesse is great, she’s also genuinely a good person and she treats you very kindly. She was getting a lot of commissions in during the time my suit was getting made and she was incredibly nice and communicative. She will add you to a group in her chats, she openly shares all of her work and talks with everyone making everyone feel comfortable together as she shows everything that she does. All in all, I couldn’t be happier that I decided to get work done by her!

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