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Reviewer Information
Twitter: asigryph

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
I have another fursuit I commissioned before purchasing this one, but this is my first fursuit.

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes. I communicated with my maker about some stitching that came undone and they were very helpful in helping me fix it!

Wear Time
5 hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Partial
Style: Toony
Shipped From: USA

Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
2400 USD paid in installments
Filed under $1000 - $2999 as a Payment Plan.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
12 April 2020

Project Timeline
Contact Date
November 2019
Completion/Ship Date
November 2019
Item Completion Time (?)

Item Being Reviewed
Kavi the Sunset Coyote Partial in a toony style bought as a pre-made.
Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

Overall this head is so much fun to wear! The head is lined with a really cute balaclava that does a wonderful job of absorbing sweat and makes cleaning simple. I’ve learned that if I take off the head and spray some isopropyl alcohol mix on the inside, it seems to be dry within 10-20 minutes. I’ve got to wiggle to pop my head in, but once I’m in it’s comfortable and very lightweight. Nothing pokes or rubs at my face and the chin part for the moving jaw comfortably cradles my chin. When I have let others hold him in the past, the first thing they always comment on is how light the head is. The ventilation is not bad at all! Whenever I start to feel too hot I just open up my mouth and the cool air comes right in. The vision is pretty good! There are the usual blind spots but overall I can see what’s in front of me pretty well.

Visual Satisfaction

The appearance is absolutely fantastic! This suit is absolutely adorable. The symmetry is amazing, which is admiring considering the number of markings and colors. The shaving is even and the transition from short to long is very pleasing. The fur looks super soft and most definitely feels just as soft! He has the sweetest expression and has awesome follow me eyes! I’ve actually accidentally scared a friend with how well the follow me effect works. He came with two sets of different eyelids that give him so many fun expressions.

Special Attachments and Features

A feature this suit has that is notorious for Thunderhowl suits is the moving jaw. The jaw works wonderfully and is super cool! The jaw starts to open once I start to open my mouth and can open pretty wide, making it so much fun to perform in! This suit also has a set of eyelids and closed eyes. Both attach with velcro and are really cool. Sometimes I have to fiddle with the eyelids to keep them from falling off but once they’re on, expressions are a lot of fun. The closed eyes attach really well and I can see out of them. Granted vision is not the best but that’s a given when changing the eyes to small slits.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The paws are very comfy and so much fun to wear! They are a puffy style and are very well made. Because they are puffy though, dexterity is not really something that you’ll have when wearing them. They are not the best for picking things up, but definitely the best for giving high fives! I can put the paws on with ease and they stay on very well. They are unlined and have a surprising amount of breathability.

Visual Satisfaction

Honestly, these paws are the type of paws I’ve always dreamed of having! They are adorably puffy with the coolest looking claws. Everything was sewn very nicely. You can only see a few seams if you look really close. Claws are awesome and all facing the right direction. Shaving is even and the transition from short fur to long is super neat and appealing. I really love the color combination used on the paws. The bight yellow fur and dark blue paw pads look stunning!


Wear Satisfaction

The tail is well made and is attached by sliding a belt between two elastic bands. It is comfortable to wear and has a very nice wag to it. It doesn’t take much to get the tail to sway side to side and it looks absolutely adorable. It is very durable and has held up in being accidentally sat on a time or two. The tail does droop a bit but I believe it wouldn’t do so as much if I were to obtain a better belt.

Visual Satisfaction

This tail is really cool. It has five different colors on it that blend together beautifully! The shaving is even and all the fur types were sewen together wonderfully. It has a nice shape to it and is very soft to pet. Again the tail does droop a bit and the base can be seen if I don’t wear a jacket to cover it up. Overall the tail is stunning to look at and really ties the suit together.


Product Satisfaction

How well does everything fit together and match up?
All together this suit is amazing! It is so well constructed and is just absolutely fantastic! I love each and every part of this suit and the character is so much fun to transform into! Everything can be worn comfortably and is still holding up tremendously! This suit screams Thunderhowl and is very consistent with their style and quality. The character himself was designed by Ohmnog and Thunderhowl did a fantastic job at bringing him to life!

Overall Project Quality
I am extremely satisfied with the product I received. This suit and the character have become such a huge light in my life. I’ve wanted a suit ever since I first saw them as a young preteen and for this suit to be my first has just been better than I could have ever imagined. Kavi the Sunset Coyote is such a high-quality suit with so many fun bells and whistles. With the amount of care and quality that was put into this suit, I will say this boy was worth every penny! Thunderhowl Studios is a joy to work with and I am excited to see all the adventures I will be able to go on with this fantastic suit.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
I originally saw the character on Twitter a while back but he had sadly been bought. Thankfully for me, the person backed out and he was announced as up for sale again on Instagram. Without hesitation, I went ahead and tried to contact Thunderhowl through both their email and Telegram.

Maker Response Time
The maker responded back to my email within the same day and efficiently walked me through the purchasing process. We used email for the most part but switched to Telegram after the final payment was made.

Maker Professionalism
The maker’s professionalism is fantastic! They were very pleasant to work with, communicating all details in a very clear and organized way.

Project Completion Time
I made my final payment and the suit was shipped the very same day! It was shipped via USPS and I was given a tracking number. The suit arrived just as predicted.

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Final Comments
I recommend Thunderhowl Studios to everyone! Anyone who stops and asks me about Kavi, I always make sure to rave about Thunderhowl and endorse them. They are an amazing team that makes such amazing and high-quality suits. A million times over I would choose to work with this maker again. They have great communication every step of the way and have even worked hard to make a loving fursuit family.

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