[YES] Haibane the Rottweiler Partial by Beauregard’s Buddies Fursuit Workshop

General Information
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Reviewer Information
Tumblr: Joutacujo

Relationship With Maker
The maker was NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now

Prior Experience
No, this was my first fursuit.

Informed Maker of Issues
Yes. I mentioned how some of the backing showed in shaved spots and that the head and paws were a bit large on me.

Wear Time
30+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Partial
Style: Toony
Shipped From: Australia

Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
500 AUD paid in installments
Filed under $400 and under as a Payment Plan.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
4 October 2020

Project Timeline
Contact Date
October 2017
Completion/Ship Date
February 2018
Item Completion Time (?)
4 - 6 Months, Pre-Made

Item Being Reviewed
Haibane the Rottie Partial in a toony style bought as a pre-made.

Review Video

Character Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Wear Satisfaction

The ventilation on her is fantastic. I am able to wear her for long periods of time.

The fit was a bit loose as it was made to fit upwards of 24″ and I am about 22″. I put extra padding in the head and it now fits perfectly.

The vision is good. I don’t have much experience with other fursuits, but I find her easy to see through.

The head is not lined, but I was given a balaclava as part of the purchase.

Spot cleaning her is easy and I’ve had no issues with seams popping so far.

Visual Satisfaction

The markings and stitching on the suit is very clean. The colours are nice and I like the feel of the fur.

The markings and foam work is very symmetrical. The only potential issue I’ve noticed is one of the ears keeps sticking up instead of being floppy, but I think that’s an issue of foam moving inside of the “skin” of the fur and will be easy to move.

The shave job is pretty good. There are some spots where backing shows through too close of a shave, but it’s not visible from afar or in photos.

I love the purple eyes.

The nose and inner ears are made of a very soft pink material that is good for booping.

She came with a fullbody ref sheet which matches her design exactly.

Hands and Feet

Wear Satisfaction

The paws are a bit large on me, but I’m still able to open doors and hold things. As well as put them on by myself.

It is lined with a nice, smooth material.

I haven’t had any popped seams at all and the fur has stayed nice and soft through multiple washes.

Visual Satisfaction

The fur is a very nice colour and the shave job is good.

The paw pads are glued on so they do tend to peel off after heavy use, but it’s easy to fix and I don’t find it ugly or cheap looking.

The pads are made of the same material as the nose and inner ears which is very soft and cuddly.


Wear Satisfaction

I have a nub tail.

It is very wiggly and good for wagging, however the elastic is quite loose/thin so it tends to sag. After some children pulled on it, there’s a noticeable stretch to the elastic, but that is no fault of the maker.

Visual Satisfaction

The tail is very cute! I love the split colours! The seams are clean and it is symmetrical.

Like the rest of the suit the fur is soft and the shave job is good. It matches the ref exactly.


Product Satisfaction

How was your concept art realized?
Since the concept was already made, being a premade, I found she followed along with her reference sheet very well.

How well does everything fit together and match up?
The same fur was used for every part so it matches and works together well. Everything is good quality and no part looks worse or cheaper than the other.

Overall Project Quality
I am very satisfied. I love the suit and I’m happy it was my first one.

Purchase Process

Initial Contact
Very easy. She has posted the premade for sale in a Facebook group we are both in. I commented showing my interested and we got in contact through messenger.

Maker Response Time
All contact has been done through Facebook Messenger. Her response times are great and she gives clear answers to any questions.

Maker Professionalism
She is a very friendly and open person. She is clear about her processes and is happy to help fix any potential issues one may have with the suits.

Project Completion Time
Once I had finished paying it off, it was shipped within the day and arrived at my place very quickly. Shipping was free due to it being the first premade she sold under her business name. We do live close to one another which makes shipping fast.

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Final Comments
Having later commissioned a suit from her and am currently commissioning another (I shall post reviews of them soon) I highly recommend Beauregard for any Australian Queensland furries. All her suits are quality and I enjoy her style. She is easy to work with and flexible with payment plans.

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