[YES] Kiwi Bubbly the Boba Dragon Fursuit by King Krow

Maker Information

King Krow

Year of Project2020

Completion Time (?)7 - 12 Months

ETA AccuracyNO - MULTIPLE ETAs were passed
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Review Date20 July 2021

RelationshipThe maker WAS NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now
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Review Information
Instagram: spooky_beetle
Twitter: spooky_beetle

Prior ExperienceI have had a mini partial before, however this is my first fullsuit.

Wear Time+15

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, as soon as they were noticed I contacted the maker. They were more than happy to provide help for the issues, as well as compensation for broken/malfunctioning features (kindly refused as the suit went beyond my expectations anyways). The only major issue was that the lowest magnet attaching the mane kept falling out of the head. Otherwise it was just small things here and there that I wanted to know how to cosmetically fix myself.
The only issue I didn't tell her about was that the feet were not attached to the suit like I had asked. It is no big deal, and honestly I am glad they weren't permanently attached anyways.

Kiwi Bubbly


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: October 2019

Completion/Ship Date: September 2020

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

SpeciesName: Boba Dragon

Found in: Reptilia, Original Species(?)

Features: None

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactInitial contact was pretty simple. I sent them a DM through Instagram asking for a quote and got a response within 24 hours. She told me when she would be opening for her next queue, and asked me to send her a formal quote through email.

Maker CommunicationAnytime she had WIPs she would send them. Even if you just asked her what the status was for your project she'd send you something. Either a quick update, or even a picture of what they were working on. I always got a response within 24-48 hours, unless there was something going on in her life (Which is totally understandable). The only difficulty I had with communication was with time zones. Krow is 3 hours behind me, so if she sent a WIP at 9pm, it is past midnight where I live. Always had to be on my toes so I didn't interrupt her crafting process with waiting

Even after project completion she still keeps up with me and her other past clients. She frequently interacts with our posts online, and even made a discord server for all of her clients (past present, and future) to join.

Project Completion TimeWhen I commissioned in October 2019 there was a soft deadline of June 2020, however, we all know how 2020 went down. When June came and went we decided on August, which then came and went, finally we landed on a hard deadline in September. The item was shipped in early September and received in mid September. She had a queue of sorts set up in the Instagram post they made saying commissions were open. After that post went down I had no idea where I, or anyone else, was in the queue. Since finishing that queue however, she has made a Trello with a very well organized queue.

Overall Project QualityI am beyond happy with the product I received. When I first commissioned Kring Krow I understood/knew that they were a newer maker, so it wouldn't be 100% perfect, but honestly… to me it is 110% perfect. Sure the suit has minor imperfections, but it is still an amazing quality suit. All of the marking match, and every piece matches up. Kiwi is definitely consistent with Krow's suit style. She really blew it out of the water.



Wear SatisfactionPros:
~Super comfortable to wear
~My mouth and nose line up perfectly with the mouth on the suit, allowing for some nice ventilation.
~Huge eyes allow for amazing vision, the only real blind spot is dead in the center between the eyes (to be expected).
~Material for head lining is super sleek and soft. No lumps or bumps from gluing in the head lining. Very comfortable on my skin.
~Eyes are painted black on the back, feels easier to look out of than my older suit, which does not have the backs painted black.
~Pickable nose, you can loop your finger through both nostrils to carry him. (His ears and large mane make his head hard to carry).
~The mane is detachable, but stays on the head with the strength of 1000 horses. Takes some effort to pop it off.
~Detachable LED crystal with LED pouch in the mane stays on just as well as the mane.
~Considering the size of the ears, the head is extremely light.
~Everything is sewn and glued perfectly, no popping seams, tears, or anything.

~Head sometimes slides around when moving too erratically. Some padding fixed it though.
~The second lowest magnet in the main falls off when the mane is removed. I think a pocket like the lowest magnet had would have worked well here.
~Velcro comes off of the mouth and tongue. Constantly re-gluing them.

Visual SatisfactionThis is neither a pro, nor a con, nor an issue with the maker, but the dark green fur feels rather coarse. She let me choose what furs I wanted on my suit, if you don't want that, let them choose the furs for. They probably know best after all.

~Access to magnets under the fur on the head.
~The eyes are semi-3D. I asked for 2D but honestly I love this style way better. Gives the appearance of looking at you when looking at the suit head on, but looks like he is look at whatever is in front of him when viewed from the side.
~Markings are spot on.
~The maker recommended the eyes be pushed up in saturation, amazing choice on their end.
~No patches where the fur was shaved too close.
~Fur direction was taken into account for the flow of the mane.
~Horns have 5 indentation lines just like the ref sheet. She definitely pays attention to details on the refs you giver her.
~I love his little toothy smile.
~His ears do a little wiggle when you jump up and down.

~Tooth on one side of the face was sewn too far back to the corner of the mouth, so you cant see the little black corner of his mouth like on the other side of his face.
~Certain areas are not glued down, which is only noticeable when it is pointed out, so I wont say where, though the top notch sewing will definitely keep the head together.

One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionPros:
~The suit fits perfectly to my body. Is a little tight, but it makes me feel safe when in suit (Compression for anxiety).
~She patterned both sides of the DTD to accommodate for my rib rotation, and I am forever grateful for that.
~Lining in the ankles for the padding is super comfy and silky. Love it.
~Pretty sure this thing is indestructible. I can romp around my back yard, bend over, jump, basically do anything I could do out of suit. There are no limits for the flexibility.
~The zipper does not catch any of the chest fur when being zipped up or unzipped.
~The body is not lined, which I prefer for cleaning purposes.

~I- none. He is built like a solid brick wall. Super comfy and easy to wear.
~If i did have any issues, it would simply be the things common with every digi suit. (Heat, walking, heavy, and bulky)

Visual SatisfactionPros:
~The body is super sleek in the areas that are shaved. No wrinkles at all, unless couching or something similar.
~The wings do a little wiggle. I can access the foam core from inside the body suit.
~Speaking of- those wings will not come off, even if you pull on them (I know, my little cousin was pulling them).
~Legs are perfect shape for the character. Super chonky and adorable, I actually don't know whether this suit would be plush or not because of his chonky legs.
~Shaving really brings the character to life.
~Markings are also spot on here, the hand sewn parts are my favorite because of the amazing detail.

~The arm spikes are on the inside of the arm rather than on the outside. This could have been my fault with the dummy though.
~The ankles are shaved weird. I wanted them similar to how the arms/wrists were shaved, with them tapering at the end to help the suit come together well. It is a little jarring how they ended up shaved.


Wear SatisfactionPros:
~Lining is super silky.
~Dexterity is there. I can make peace signs and a thumbs up.

~They get super toasty. I didn't know hands sweat, apparently they do.

Visual SatisfactionPros:
~Maker removed and added markings as per request.
~Super squishy paw pads.
~Definitely line up with the body.

~The wrists were too long for the paws. They don't allow the arm sleeves on the suit to overlap the wrists of the paws. Just makes it a little wrinkly, but the puffy fur helps hide it.


Wear SatisfactionPros:
~It's attached to the suit, so I honestly forget that it is there sometimes.
~Seams are supper durable. The tail is meant to stay behind you on the floor because it is stiff, but it can be picked up like a Dutchie tail and held in your hands without anything popping.
~Zipper inside the suit for removing stuffing is durable.

~Sometimes hinders walking, just takes a couple minutes to adjust to.

Visual SatisfactionPros:
~Markings are on point.
~Supper soft and squishy, I love falling back on it while I'm suiting.
~Purple fluff goes up to where I wanted.
~Shaving is amazing, just like everywhere else on the body.

~I wanted it to barely touch the ground, kind of like a raptor tail.


Wear SatisfactionPros:
~Super comfy, work as slippers.

~Super slippery lining. Definitely have to double up the socks when I wear the suit.

Visual SatisfactionPros:
~They match the leg shape perfectly.
~Claws are super cute and not too big, nor too small.

~None. The peets are perfect.

Special FeaturesRemovable LEDs:
~The crystals on Kiwi's head glow purple, they have a battery pack stored inside the mane. Easy to remove, difficult to accidentally knock off. The maker made them custom for Kiwi. The wiring for the LEDs is amazing. I don't believe she had done LEDs yet, so for a first try it is amazing. I know they'll only get better from here!

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Final CommentsIf I had to redo the whole process again, starting from finding a maker, I wouldn't change a thing. Krow is an amazing maker who deserves so much more attention that what they're receiving. I cannot wait to see the suits they complete in her current queue. When I need to retire this suit, I would definitly want Krow to make V2.0 of Kiwi.

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