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Wildspot Works Crafting since 2015.

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)4 - 6 Months

ETA AccuracyNO - the ETA was passed
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Review Date29 April 2024

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Review Information
ReviewerLilia Roo Fursona Directory: @LiliaRoo

Prior ExperienceNo, this was my first fursuit.

Wear Time200+ hours

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, the bundled head fan did not work because, unbeknownst to both my maker and I, AA batteries have reverse polarity in Germany compared to the United States. Once my suit maker realized this was the issue, he shipped a new fan assembly (and some bonus spare fabric for repairs) for no charge.

Lilia Roo the fullsuit kangaroo


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: March 2021

Completion/Ship Date: August 2021

Shipping Origin: Germany

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Plantigrade

SpeciesName: kangaroo

Found in: Musteloidea(?)

Features: None


Initial ContactInitial contact was easy. I first contacted the maker through his email address on his website, then moved to Telegram after I was ready to proceed with commissioning him.

Maker CommunicationCommunication began via email, but switched to Telegram once I was ready to proceed with the commission. Luno made sure to always get back to me within a day. He constantly provided photo updates of what the progress on each piece was. His tone was informal, but still professional. I feel I was treated very well.

Project Completion TimeMy first contact with Luno was in December 2020, though my actual commission did not start until March 2021 when I mailed my duct tape dummy to him. The first half of my fursuit arrived in July 2021, followed by the other half in August 2021. Initial estimates were April for beginning of work and June for the end of work. I did not have a deadline, so I am satisfied by the turnaround time of less than a year between first contact and being able to wear it. The first half of my fursuit took multiple weeks to get through customs, but the second half went through without any extra delay. Tracking was provided.

Overall Project QualityI am very happy with how my fursuit turned out, and I have been constantly recommending my maker to anyone I encounter who has mentioned the idea of getting a kangaroo fursuit. I truly believe Luno Wroo (WildspotWorks) does the best kangaroo suits and is definitely worth dealing with international shipping. The fursuit is comfortable, expressive, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. So long as I properly align my padding as described previously, there isn't any visible bunching; the suit appears like once single piece. In the years I have worn my suit, I have not had any issues with damage beyond user error or normal wear-and-tear, though I did need to get a replacement fan assembly due to unknown-at-the-time differences in polarity in AA batteries between Germany and the United States, which my maker was able to send at no charge. I would say my suit is slightly more toony than other kangaroo suits Luno has made, but that is due to my character intentionally having rounded corners throughout her design.



Wear SatisfactionThe head is composed of a thin 3D printed grid as a base, with the fabric on top. Two rails and two springs make up the movable jaw assembly. There is a comfortable spot at the back of the jaw for my human jaw to rest. A fan assembly is included, but I often have it removed so that I can drink water while in fursuit. The movable jaw opens enough that I can fit a water bottle through and into my human mouth. To put the head on, I put my human jaw on the back of the movable jaw, pull a tightening mechanism similar to that of a bicycle helmet over the back of my skull, turn the knob, then pull down a zipper on the back of the head.

Airflow is far beyond my expectations, especially when the fan is removed. Outdoor wind easily flows through all sides of the head so that I'm not dying in summer while also not feeling cold in winter. The ears wiggle slightly, but not so much as to make me worry about if they're falling off, so sometimes I'll make some subtle yet quick movements with my head to make the ears bounce a bit. When a strong breeze blows at my head, I can definitely feel it pushing against the ears of the suit, but again, I don't worry that they'll break off. The effect is that I feel even more like a kangaroo.

I have not had any issues with anything poking, or any other form of discomfort. The vision is fantastic. I can see directly in front of me, and I have a decent range of peripheral vision. I am able to read text through the eyes, but if the text is too small, I can open my mouth and look down through the space created by the movable jaw. So far, I have not been in a situation where I've required a handler due to lack of vision.

Dealing with my long hair is okay if I properly prepare the head covering I wear underneath the suit head. If I rush things and don't make sure all my hair is behind my ears, strands will eventually come out over my eyes and mouth as I move my head side-to-side.

Visual SatisfactionAs far as I can tell, the head is symmetrical from the outside and matches the character design. I am satisfied with the fur shaving and the transition between the colors. The markings on the sides of the muzzle sometimes don't appear to well on camera, but that's OK. People absolutely love the expressiveness of the head and movable jaw, and it warms my heart to see people's reactions.

After about two years of wear, the corner of the white fur where it meets the inside of one of the years started to pull up, but it is not noticeable unless you look for it. I let my suit maker know, and he advised me on how to fix it. There has been no other damage due to wear and tear, despite how often I've packed and unpacked it for events.

People love to boop the silicone nose.

One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionThe bodysuit is very comfortable and fits me well, so long as the correct clothing is worn underneath. I've been too lazy to get a proper set of underarmor, so I use spare spandex-y clothes from when I used to do long-distance running. I once wore the bodysuit for seven hours straight without any issue.

The suit is very light. Just like with the head, I can easily feel the breeze through all sides of my body, keeping me cool in summer, but not making me freeze in winter. The breeze is dampened around the belly and thighs, since those areas contain removable padding, but if the breeze is strong enough, I can still feel it through the padding.

Cleaning the suit is easy. If I just gone done suiting, giving the armpits, crotch, and other high-sweat areas a quick clean with some alcohol is more than enough to eliminate odor. If it is especially hot out and I just got done suiting for a few hours, the armpits might become damp from the outside, but never dripping sweat. If I need to wash the bodysuit, it gets turned inside-out before being put in the washer; after that, I can use normal detergent, and then air-dry.

I have a large degree of motion, even though I have padding in the belly and thighs. I can easily spin around, do high-knees, bend over, and even jog. When people pet me and rub my fur, I can feel it underneath.

The pouch is absolutely amazing. I usually have my phone, wallet, keys, and other important items in there while I'm out and about. If the suit didn't have the pouch, I don't know how I'd survive; I would need a separate bag or something, which would become awkward to lug around. I've been able to carry loads of candy in it during Halloween. I can put a plushie in there, head and arms sticking out, and not have to worry about the rest of the plushie falling out as I walk around.

The interior does not have a special lining other than the back of the fur, though I have not had any comfort issues due to this.

Visual SatisfactionThe exterior looks great. The fur is shaved appropriately and transitions between my two colors very well. Even though the zipper is on the front, it actually works so much better than if it was on the back because it visually disappears. The zipper is located on the seam between my white and cream fur on one side of my suit, and the zipper teeth hide beneath the fur. The zipper tab is then hidden by the bottom of my head. My colors and pattern might be simple, but I wear colorful flowers around my neck and wrists to tie everything together.

I do need to exercise a little bit of caution when aligning the paddings for my legs and belly to make sure there isn't any noticeable bunching from the outside when I walk.

One minor problem is that the inside of the pouch becomes white instead of cream after a certain depth. If I have a large enough item in my pouch, a little bit of the white can be visible from the outside, which breaks the solid cream appearance for the belly. However, this was the first time my suit maker added a pouch on a suit, and even then, I've only been in a scenario where this has been a problem once or twice.


Wear SatisfactionThere is one fewer digit on my handpaws than on my human hands, but that doesn't detract from dexterity too much. I've found that the hands fit best if I put my middle and ring fingers together, instead of my ring and pinky fingers.

I do need to exercise some care when putting on the hands to make sure neither the wrists of the hands nor the wrists of the bodysuit bunch up. If they bunch up, my human wrists might show. If I take a few seconds to make sure the fabric is not bunched up, everything is fine, and there is no need to worry.

My dexterity is good enough that I can play video games using a controller — with only a few misinputs here and there — and write legibly, though my handwriting does become lower quality than if I was out of suit.

The interior does not have a special lining other than the back of the fur, though I have not had any comfort issues due to this. Additionally, I have not noticed any damage to the hands, even after wrestling people in suit.

Visual SatisfactionI am satisfied with the hands. They have the same level of quality that I have described with the other pieces of the suit. I am quite happy about the black palms stretching across the whole hand instead of being pawbeans. My claws are soft, but I feel this is better than having hard claws since I don't have to worry about plastic breaking off.


Wear SatisfactionThe tail assembly is complex. It is composed of seven foam segments that are kept together with a belt; the assembly then fits into a sleeve that is permanently sewn into the bodysuit. Small, irregularly-shaped foam pieces are glued where the segments meet, so that even when the internal belt is fully tightened, the belt can still bend from side to side as I walk around. When putting it on, I then thread my waist belt through the internal belt of the assembly. This waist belt needs to be worn as tight as possible without causing any discomfort in the gut. This means I can feel the base of the tail assembly rest against my own back.

I did not properly understand just how tight I needed to have my waist belt the first few times I wore the suit outside. This resulted in excess wear on the bottom of the tip of my tail, creating a hole that I needed to sew back together. Since then, I have learned just how much I need to tighten the waist belt, which has prevented further issues. Thankfully, only the fabric was damaged by this, not the assembly.

Visual SatisfactionThe tail is a thing of beauty. Since the sleeve is just another part of the bodysuit, there is no seam or other gap between the tail and the rest of the suit; it's just another part of me. The complex tail assembly I described in the Wear section ensures that the tail can swing from side-to-side without flopping up-and-down. I can adjust how much the tail sways by tightening and loosening the internal belt (not the waist belt), but even at its tightest, the tail can still sway a bit and never appears as a rigid, lifeless thing. All in all, I am very impressed with the amount of effort the maker put into the tail assembly.


Wear SatisfactionThe feet require some practice to wear properly. They are composed of the bases of real shoes, but the fursuit feet extend out past the front of the actual shoe part. Because of this, I have to make sure I focus more on the backs of my feet than I normally do when I am walking out of suit; otherwise, I risk dragging the front of my fursuit paws across the ground. After getting the hang of the technique, though, I can suit for hours without feeling soreness in my ankles.

The feet are secured to my own feet with an elastic band that is hidden around the top of the foot. So far, I have not had any incidents of the foot coming off on its own.

Unfortunately, my inexperience with how to properly walk in these feet did lead to some damage with one of the cloth claws, but after sewing it back together, I haven't had any further damage. The shoes feel just slightly roomier than they should be, but I believe this was an error on my part with how I rounded when converting between different shoe size systems.

Visual SatisfactionThe footpaws have the same level of visual quality I have described in previous sections. I always smile when I look down and see my big toony kangaroo paws.

The bottoms of the footpaws are made from the same material as the bottoms of the original shoes, but the material covers the entire bottom of the footpaw instead of just the internal shoe portion, if that makes sense. The material is black, which fits the paws of my character. Just like with the hands, I wanted a solid appearance that's closer to that of an actual kangaroo instead of pawbeans, and this was achieved while still allowing me to wear the paws outside. Additionally, being able to have the split claw on the inside toes was very appreciated.

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Final CommentsEverything has been fantastic. If you are looking for a kangaroo fursuit, please consider my maker.

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  1. Your suit is gorgeous! I love kangaroo suits 🙂

    Quick heads up: Germany uses the same AA batteries as everywhere else, there’s no special German AA batteries. I’m not sure what the problem with the original fan was, but you should be able to use AA batteries from any country in the new one without fear.


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