[YES] Streifi Gryphon Digitigrade Bodysuit by FreakHound Studios

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FreakHound Studios

Year of Project2019

Completion Time (?)1 - 3 Months

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Review Date22 May 2021

RelationshipThe maker IS a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerTwitter: StreifiGreif

Prior ExperienceYes, this essentially V2 of my gryphon fursuit. V1 was a partial from the same maker. However, it’s the first time owning a fullsuit and the first experience wearing/using paddings etc.

Wear Time45+

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, we talked about a small issue with fitting the handpaws into the sleeve openings and founds good solution by shaving down the handpaws fur a little on the hidden part.

Streifi Digitigrade Fullsuit


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: August 2019

Completion/Ship Date: November 2019

Shipping Origin: New Zealand

Type: Body > Hand Paws > Feet Paws > Tail > Wings

Style: Real/Toon Hybrid

Padding: Digitigrade

SpeciesName: Gryphon

Found in: Aves, Felidae(?)

Features: Wings

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactI had contact with the maker before – from my previous fursuit commission but also due to occasional chats, so I was able to introduce my idea fairly easy. I didn’t wait for a dedicated opening but rather chipped in my idea when it felt convenient and I was lucky. We talk(ed) mostly via Telegram and arranged everything needed there.

Maker CommunicationWe’ve conducted the entire process via Telegram (apart from the payment ofc). Communication was always easy going, friendly and super helpful. We often spend time exchanging ideas for certain features until we both were sure it’s the right choice for this project. Since we’re friends, we had a very warm and cozy time chatting, the important parts were handled with the needed business attitude however, which I value a lot.
They were super helpful with clarifying all details about the building process and also helped with every tiny issue I came up with, always having an open ear for alterations and even small changes during the ongoing process. I never had to wait long to get a reply.

Project Completion TimeGiven the complexity of the entire project and involvement of a few new first-time ideas (like the custom feet), the turn-around of only ~4-5 months in total (incl. shipping and everything) was super fast. We talked a lot during that time and I was given a lot of updates, WIP-photos and helpful videos for individual components and how-to’s.
Shipping was smooth, included tracking and insurance. Of course, customs was involved upon reveiving the parcel, however nothing that can’t be handled and optimised as well.

Overall Project QualityMy overall satisfaction is hard to put in words, since so much about a fursuit is the actual wear and usage. So far I have enjoyed every moment I was wearing my fullsuit and I never regretted spending the money not choosing this maker in particular. It was a pleasure to talk about the project and my ideas, to see the suit come to life piece by piece, to get so much useful advice, nice videos showing WIPs and explanations how to handle the suit properly.

At all times I felt I was in good hands and upon receiving the suit, being able to check it out myself, this was fully confirmed. Flawless quality, a suit that followed the given reference and features some unique details I always wanted to have and experience. After owning the suit for about 1.5 years, it is still in perfect condition, didn’t require any repairs yet and is still as much fun to use as on day one! I think with a bit of care it will bring many more years of joy to me and others.

Since this was my first fullsuit I was a bit hesitant, would I be able to withstand the heat, would it be what I imagined it to be etc. I was afraid to spend a bigger amount of money, but in the end it was the right decision for sure. It feels better than I ever imagined, allowing me to immerse in my character, becoming him. The additional heat is easily bearable and worth it.

Even tho the amount of striped surely was a hassle to sew (according to my maker, kudos to that!) I think she also had a great time and loved the outcome and also how well it was perceived by me and everyone else.


One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionThe bodysuit (with attached tail) is fully hand-sewn and made to fit via DTD. As to be expected it fits me very well – even now that I lost some weight and my body-shape has changed a bit, it’s still perfect to wear and can easily be adjusted with the paddings. Movements aren’t obstructed in any way. Since the tail is not detachable, sitting down can be a bit funny/challenging at times; but that comes with the job, so it’s okay.
Since the suit is quite loaded with seams (due to the amount of sewn-in stripes), it is advised to use a proper full-body under-armor or similar to enhance wearing comfort. However even without, the inside isn’t rough or scratchy. The suit doesn’t get overly hot, I still enjoy wearing it in an average German summer, airflow (due to wind, fans etc.) passes though very well and helps to cool down in between.

The fur is high quality, feels good to the touch and is easy to brush. All seams show high durability so far, no limitations in use and movements. No seam popped so far, the fur is still without any stains and seems to be rather easy to clean and keep smooth.
On the back, there are two openings to attach the wings to a harness. When not using the wings, those opening get covered by matching fur patches, attached via a number of snap-buttons. They cover the openings spot-on. Only during move poses/moving, small gaps can be seen for brief moments.

Since the tail is sewn to the body and not detachable, I will include it here, as a part of the bodysuit. It has a smooth curvature, doesn’t drag on the floor and thus stays clean. It has a slight bend, enhancing the positive attitude and personality of the character, the tip a bit fluffer with longer fur, well adapted from the given reference.

Visual SatisfactionThe suit is build along the provided ref-sheet and the markings are resembled really well. The transition from spots on the fluffier neck to the striped body is well thought through. The different furs match in density and feeling, providing a seamless and smooth touch to the entire body. Subtle airbrush was used to blend small gradients between a few areas, other than that all colors are directly from the furs themselves.
Brushing the suit after wear is easy and goes without hassle, the fur looking almost as smooth as on day one.

The paddings provided enhance the digitigrade body shape very well and enhance the legs and the look of the feet. Nothing seems out of proportion and since the padding is made from super soft custom-sewn pillows, they can easily be adjusted in density by adding or removing some filling or even by adding yet another padding to another part of the suit. They are inserted upon dressing up and can be removed and cleaned separately.


Wear SatisfactionThe handpaws are a hybrid between feral appereance while offering five digits for more practical use. To retain this shape, the thumb is a bit smaller than it would be on a human hand, so wearing them requires getting used to the thumb being jolted a little bit, not uncomfortable however. They blend seamless into the sleeves of the bodysuit and are easy to put on.

Oroginally it was a bit of a problem that the sleeve opening of the body was fairly small and stuffing the handpaw inside was a a bit tough. However, after talking with the maker and shaving down the hidden part of the fur on the hands, this is now an easy process and still looks perfect.
The pads are super soft minky, wonderful to touch, very squishy. The claws are sewn-in, soft and even feature the apperenace of claw-slits with the additional pink trim.

Visual SatisfactionThe hands are a seamless extension of the body, same fur, same quality and look, the basically extend the arm-sleeves and fit the style well.
We came to the agreement to derive from the reference art a bit, adding pawpads which he doesn’t usually have in anthro shape and also go more for a light feral look of the digits, this was 100% agreed upon prior to building the suit.


Wear SatisfactionThe feet are highly custom and are build on a pair of Vibram toeshoes which were provided to the maker. The idea was to create a pair of paws which feature individual toes that can be splayed, wiggled etc.

The maker did a great job, by brainstorming together to come up with a feasible setup. The toes are shaped with different foams in various degrees of hardness and then furred, including the sole. To adapt between the human feet with five toes and the feline paw with four toes, the two smallest toes are fused together and form one of the four toes of the paw. This still allows free movement of all four toes, retaining a natural shape and look.
They also feature pawpads (main pad + four toes) made from minky.

Due to proving the base shoes myself, the fit is perfect and it’s easy to get them on and off without risk of losing them during advanced movements.
The minky pawpads and furred sole make walking a bit slippery on smooth surfaces like tiles or polished wooden floors, but it just requires getting used to that.

The feet are very durable, don’t show any wear yet and also still have all white fur on the sole – the fur seems repellant to the average dry dirt.

Visual SatisfactionThe transition to the body is smooth and matching, the digitigrade look of the hindpaws flawless while allowing to stand and walk naturally and relaxed.

Quality of the fur and materials is high as usual, no problems with the minky pawpads so far, no wear or tear can be observed. The paws are rather well ventilated, the materials and shoes fairly breathable and when needed also fully washable.

The lower end of the legs covers the ankle of the feet a good deal to create the seamless look and the can be held in place with two hidden push-buttons per foot. Even with stronger movements and strethes, no bare skin or transition to the body ever shows. The feet were an important part fort me and I’m happy that the maker paid great attention and helped me work with my unusual wish, the outcome is very close to the given ref-art and great to wear, also for extended duration and dancing.

Special FeaturesAs mentioned, the feet are rather unique and uncommon by being not based on regular shoes or being sockpaws, but being built upon Vibram toeshoes. That way, they feature individual toes which can be moved and splayed individually, like it would be expected of an actual paw.
They are bit more challenging to put on due to the special shoes, however it’s not uncomfotable, just a matter of training. Wearing them is really comfortable, also making the paws very lightweight while still being sturdy. They can be used indoor and outdoor, are easy to clean and when needed can be fully submerged to wash.

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Final CommentsIf you ever can get a slot from FreakHound Studios, consider yourself lucky and know you can look forward to great support and an even greater product that will bring you joy for a long time! 🙂

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