[YES] Pickles Housecat Partial by Crazed Kenku Creations

Maker Information

Crazed Kenku Creations (CKC) (CRKENKU) Based in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Crafting since Oct 2018. Formerly known as Masterful Dragons.

Year of Project2020

Completion Time (?)4 - 6 Months

ETA AccuracyThere was no ETA given
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Review Date22 May 2021

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information
Twitter: WermBook

Prior ExperienceNo, this is my first fursuit.

Wear Time5 hours

Informed Maker of IssuesNo, I didn't want to seem ungrateful. It was a very low price and it was better than what I could have made.



ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Payment Plan of $501 - $999

Initial Contact: June 2020

Completion/Ship Date: December 2020

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Partial

Style: Real/Toon Hybrid

Padding: Digitigrade

SpeciesName: Housecat

Found in: Felidae(?)

Features: None

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactI found about open slots and contacted the maker on Furry Amino. It was easy to understand what they needed from me.

Maker CommunicationI was treated very well, they were very pleasant to work with, and communicated very clearly every step of the way.

Project Completion TimeIt was completed fairly quickly, within seven months. I didn't ask for when it would be finished and so was happily surprised it was so soon. The shipping took quite longer than expected (a month when three day shipping was paid for), but that was not the maker's fault.

Overall Project QualityOverall, amazing quality for having paid only 535 dollars for the whole partial. It really looks good together, all of the pieces work together to bring me my character. The colors are perfect, and the fur is very nice, a good texture, a good length. Each piece fits just right. Its perfect for my first suit!



Wear SatisfactionIt fits quite well. I love wearing my head. It can get hot after a while but no hotter than expected. Good ventilation, big open mouth helps with that.

Visual SatisfactionThe eyes are beautiful, and I love the big, goofy grin. The stitching is fairly visible on the ears and mouth, and there is a flap of fur both on the right side of the head and on the back that flips up to show the yellow the head is made out of. The flaps are only visible up close and you can only see the inside of the head if you flip them up. The whiskers fell out, which is sad. The pattern is just right, and I love the nose.


Wear SatisfactionThey are very comfortable to wear, and are easy to move in. Very easy to put on and take off.

Visual SatisfactionI love how my handpaws look. Very fluffy. The beans are so cute. The fur is so soft to touch.

Lower Body

Wear SatisfactionVery nice! It fits quite well, and is not too hot.

Visual SatisfactionThe pattern is just right! The fur looks great. The legs are a great addition to Pickles, especially when wearing his favorite shorts.


Wear SatisfactionI love to wear my tail and wave my tail. It is a very good tail.

Visual SatisfactionFluffy curled tail. It has the pattern I was looking for and is very nice to look at. I don't know how it moves because it is behind me and I dont have any friends who would wear it or film me so I can see.


Wear SatisfactionRelatively easy to put on and take off. Quite comfortable to wear. Movement was difficult to get used to, but maybe that is just because it is my first suit.

Visual SatisfactionI love it!!!! So soft, such nice green paws. Good symmetry.

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Final CommentsI really love this partial fursuit and would recommend this maker to anyone looking for a partial on a tight budget. The color matching was spot on, updates on how it was going were often, the maker was very patient when I did not understand measurements or payment, and the end result was everything I could have hoped for.

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