[YES] Synthio the White-tailed Deer Partial by Howlmetal Horrors

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Howlmetal Horrors (HLMLHRS) Based in Ontario. Crafting since 2012. Formerly known as metalwuffworks.

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)1 - 3 Months

ETA AccuracyYES - the ETA was accurate
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Review Date22 December 2021

RelationshipThe maker WAS NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now
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Review Information
Twitter: SynthioStag

Prior ExperienceNope, this is the first time I've had a fursuit.

Wear TimeAbout 7 or 8 hours

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, on one occasion I accidentally broke one of the detachable antlers. I was able to send it back to the maker, who repaired the antler in a timely manner.

Other times I've contacted the maker regarding tips on maintaining the suit, or if I've noticed minor imperfections with it. Each time, she was able to give detailed answers and/or suggestions concerning all and any queries I've had.

Synthio the Deer Partial


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $1000 - $2999

Initial Contact: May 2021

Completion/Ship Date: June 2021

Shipping Origin: Canada

Type: Partial

Style: Toony

Padding: None

SpeciesName: White-tailed deer

Found in: Euungulata(?)

Features: Horns or Antlers, Hair / Wig, Hooves

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactBack in 2020, I found out about the maker while looking for Ontario-based fursuit makers (Prior to then, I nearly commissioned DHC to do my suit. Really dodged a bullet there lol). I contacted them via Twitter once they opened up slots for fursuit commissions in May 2021. She provided clear instructions on how to get the necessary measurements for the fursuit.

Maker CommunicationUsually within an hour or two, the maker was able to reply to any questions I had via Twitter DMs. She was super nice and straightforward with everything, and it seemed like she had a genuinely fun time making the suit!

Project Completion TimeWithin just a month, the suit was finished, and was shipped shortly afterward. As the maker lives in the same province as me, the suit was able to arrive in a timely manner!

Overall Project QualityOverall, for my first ever fursuit, this turned out fantastic! It feels great to wear, and looks just like how I imagined Synthio! Apart from some really minor concerns and one little mishap with one of the antlers, I can confidently say that the maker did an amazing job at making such a high-quality item!



Wear SatisfactionThe head can be a little hard to slide on at times, but once it's on, it's nice and comfortable. Additionally, the maker included adjustable velcro straps inside the back of the head to either tighten or loosen it. The inside of the head is lined with lycra, which wicks sweat and prevents it from damaging too much of the inside after extended use. Ventilation's good, and while the vision's decent enough, I find myself having to alternate between looking out the left and right eye. The suit additionally came with two eyelid pieces that attach to the top of the eyes using velcro, which I still have a little trouble trying to align properly. Other than those otherwise minor concerns though, the head feels excellent to wear! As this is my first fursuit, I'm sure I'll be able to adjust to these after wearing it for enough time.

Visual SatisfactionEven now, I'm still amazed with just how perfect the head came out! Aesthetically, the head is the perfect blend of both references of Synthio I provided, and the realistic antlers give it a visually distinct look! Symmetry-wise, the head appears to be alright (although the antlers seem just a bit off), and while some of the shaving may be just a little uneven in some relatively minor areas, the material used for his fur and hair looks and feels great! While the eyelids can be somewhat hard to properly align, they give Synthio the smug, confident aura I envisioned him having. Even without the eyelids, it's hard for me not to love the adorable doe eyes they gave him!


Wear SatisfactionWhile a little fluffier than I imagined for the character, the hooves look and feel great to wear! They slide on with no hassle, and the lycra lining inside prevents them from getting damaged by sweat. I was under the impression that the 3 digit hooves may be a little hard to get used to, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy to use they are! While they can get a little messy when using them, they're super easy to maintain! Brushing them every now and again keeps them looking nice and soft.

Visual SatisfactionWhile maybe not entirely accurate to his ref sheet, I love how soft and fluffy the hooves feel!


Wear SatisfactionThe tail easily slides onto a belt, and like the hooves, is also easy to maintain. My only potential concern with it might be that the strap on the back of it might tear after extended use, although the maker assures me it's durable enough.

Visual SatisfactionHard to go wrong with a cute, fluffy deer tail! cx

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Final CommentsI'm honoured that Howlmetal Horrors was able to bring my silly deer boy to life. This precious boy's worth every penny, and I'm so glad to have him in my life! <3

I recommend this maker to any Ontarian furries (or just furries in general) interested in getting a quality suit for a decent price!

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