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Furaffinity: Bornes

Relationship With Maker
The maker is NOT a friend

Prior Experience
I currently own 4 suits

Informed Maker of Issues

Wear Time
30+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Single Piece > Head > Fursuit
Style: Real/Toon Hybrid
Shipped From: USA

Found in Canidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
800 USD
Filed under $501 - $999 as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
10 September 2012

Project Timeline
Contact Date
Completion/Ship Date
Item Completion Time (?)

Item Being Reviewed
This was bought at auction on furbuy, directly from the maker. It is only a head and tail. Also, it’s worth noting that this head was completed within 24 hours, so it may not be up to the same standards as the maker’s normal suits. More info on that whole deal here (Youtube link).

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How satisfied are you with how well the head fits? Is anything uncomfortable? Is it too loose or too tight? Is it lined in a comfortable material? (1-5):
It is a foam head on balaclava base. It has a small zipper in the back for easy on/off. It has taxidermy mouth and LED eyes. Jaw is movable, but not very articulated/responsive (it takes a good deal of effort to get it to open/close). Overall, the head fits very well and it is hands down the most comfortable head I’ve head the pleasure of wearing.

How satisfied are you with the vision? Can you see well in front of you? Is there a large blind spot? Do you have to turn your head to see? (1-5):
Vision is above the standard. You have some (but not much) peripheral vision. Night vision is substandard, but better than most heads. I feel very safe wearing this head.

How satisfied are you with the ventilation? Is the airflow good? Can you wear it for a reasonable amount of time without having to take it off? (1-5)
The ventilation is pretty standard, but I have yet to wear any better.

How satisfied are you with the symmetry of the head? Are the eyes or ears lopsided? Is the shaving clean and even?(1-5):
The shaving on the muzzle is slightly off, but this seems to be the norm.
One of the ears seems to be a little off, but it’s hardly noticeable. I am not certain if it’s my rough play of the head or if it was this way on creation (had this head for 6+ months now with heavy wear) but the bottom jaw frequently doesn’t line up with the top. This produces a slightly derpy look.
Also, there’s something weird going on with the tongue, like shaved fur accidentally got stuck in glue near the back of it. You can’t see this when someone’s wearing the suit, though. It’s important to keep in mind that this head was completed within a 24 hour period, so it may not reflect the maker’s actual commission quality. Aside from this, it’s still a very eye-catching head, so it still gets a 5 from me.

How satisfied are you with the expression of the head? (1-5):
The lower jaw doesn’t line up with the top half the time, but I’m unsure if that’s from heavy use or if it came that way (my memory’s terrible). Aside from that, the head is extremely visually appealing, and extremely expressive. This is my favorite head to wear out of the 4 I own.


Product Satisfaction
How satisfied are you with the consistency of your suit to the makers style? (1-5):
Extremely satisfied.

How satisfied are you with the overall quality? Are all the seams durable? Has anything fallen apart?(1-5):
I wear my suits a lot, outside and in, and entertain others. For all intents and purposes, my suits go through hell and back. After 6 months of this, the balaclava is beginning to tear similar to how a stocking was, and a seam in one of the ears popped. The seam, I’m not sure what happened. One day there was a random string popping out of the head. I cut it and everything is still together– nothing is falling off. As for the balaclava, it is still in tact and honestly, the sort of wear it has is expected for how much the head has been worn.
Other than this, there is the possibility that the bottom jaw not lining up with the top is my doing. Even so, this is an incredible head and I would say it is extremely durable.

How satisfied are you with how well everything fits together and matches up? (1-5):
Extremely satisfied. Despite its slight cartoonish-ness, everything matches and looks natural.

How satisfied are you with how the deadline was met for completion of your project? Were any deadlines missed or was it done early? (1-5):
N/A, this was pre-made and won at auction.

How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project? (1-5):
The head is great aside from the jaw line-up issue (which might be my fault). But I feel I should mention the tail. It is not pictured here because I never wear it. The tail itself is of good construction, but the suit was marketed as a husky. The tail curls entirely into itself, so it looks like you’re wearing a huge circle. How it is stuffed, furred, put together, it is nice and I’m sure it would stand up to wear. But because it was sewn into this weird “circle” position, it just looks really kind of… Dumb, and not husky-like at all. Sorry.

How satisfied are you with the overall customer service with the maker? (1-5):
Extremely satisfied. Even contacting her for future projects, she was very easy to communicate with.

Purchase Process

How satisfied are you with how easy it was to initially contact the maker? Did they take an unreasonable long time to respond?(1-5):
Maker was extremely easy to contact and deal with.

How satisfied are you with the response time from the maker? (1-5):
Extremely satisfied. So satisfied, I contacted her for future commission(s).

How satisfied are you with the level of professionalism and friendliness of the maker? Were they pleasant to work with? (1-5):
There are no negatives, here.

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Final Comments
The head is amazing in all respects and it is hands down the best head I’ve ever worn. Sharpe deserves all the respect she gets and I plan to commission her in the future.
However, the tail is just so visually bad in my opinion, and not husky-like.. I have never, ever worn it, and I probably never will unless I modify it myself. But because this suit was pre-made and won at auction, and was not following any of my (p)references, I cannot fault the maker for this (and neither should you). Other than things I have already mentioned, I have no other comments. I have nothing but positive things to say about the head. I cannot wait to work with this maker again in the future.

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