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Reviewer Information
Furaffinity: Bornes

Relationship With Maker
The maker WAS NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now

Prior Experience
2nd resin head (this becomes important later), 4th fursuit.

Informed Maker of Issues
Spoke to Faris multiple times and she was very helpful.

Wear Time
30+ hours
Maker & Project Information

Commission Information
Type: Fursuit > Partial
Style: Realistic
Shipped From: USA

White Tiger
Found in Felidae (?)

Made in Year

Transaction Information
around 500 USD
Filed under $501 - $999 as a Lump Sum.

Estimated Completion Time (ETA) Accuracy

Date of Review
10 September 2012

Project Timeline
Contact Date
Completion/Ship Date
Item Completion Time (?)

Item Being Reviewed
white tiger partial.
Crystumes did the resin blank, eyes, padding, and jawset.
FarisBatwan did the furring, airbrushing, paws and tail.

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-How satisfied are you with how well the head fits? Is anything uncomfortable? Is it too loose or too tight? Is it lined in a comfortable material? (0-5):

The head is a resin head made by Crystumes. I’ve only ever had one resin head before this (made by rastafarianlion ) so my experience is limited. However, the base is painted a glossy black and it has a ‘cheap’ feel. It’s hard to describe. I know it is resin (upon further inspection), but when I first received the head I thought it was cheap plastic. It’s not lined at all.

The jawset is also by Crystumes. This is hard to describe but I’ll try my best. The top jaw extended into the open (human) face area. Like Crystumes put the top jaw into the mouth too far. When I put on the mask, the top jaw extended out and rested on my upper lip. The nose/muzzle of the mask is hollow, so when the upper jaw extended like this, it trapped all of my air and felt suffocating since it was directly beneath my nose. This was obviously extremely uncomfortable.
So uncomfortable in fact that I seriously thought about returning the suit. I contacted Faris about it and we eventually came up with a solution of just breaking it off. I did this, and from the outside, the mouth looks fine, but on the inside, the inner-most half of the jaw is missing. After this half of the upper jaw was removed, ventilation was amazing and the mask was much more comfortable to wear.

Aside from this, it was the correct size for my head and fit well.

-How satisfied are you with the vision? Can you see well in front of you? Is there a large blind spot? Do you have to turn your head to see? (0-5):
Clarifying that the eyes were set in by Crystumes.
Vision was terrifying at first.
It is tear duct vision. The vision isn’t “bad” but it’s so different I’m not sure how I would quantify it. The eyes are set right where my eyes are. The tear ducts are a little under and inward, so if you look normally you are using your peripheral vision to see in front of you. If you concentrate, you go slightly cross-eyed trying to see in front of you.

This isn’t actually the bad part (this seems like a good design, actually). The bad part is that there is some sort of optical illusion happening inside there. I can see in front of me, but I also see the back of the eyes used and on top of that, I can see the mouth (which is semi-open) and what’s going on outside. The mouth part is what gets me. It is in the widest part of my vision. It’s impossible for me to actually see outside the mouth, so it must be a reflection off of something, but to be honest I have no clue how.

I got used to it after a while, and like I said, it’s not bad vision. It’s just got a steep learning curve, I guess.

-How satisfied are you with the ventilation? Is the airflow good? Can you wear it for a reasonable amount of time without having to take it off? (0-5):
Before I removed the piece of jaw that was catching all the air from my nose, the mask was suffocating and extremely uncomfortable to stay in for more than ten minutes. Once I removed that piece, ventilation is good enough I can stay in it for a good amount of time. It’s slightly stuffy, but that’s what I’d expect from a fixed jaw mask anyway (all my other heads have moving jaws).

-How satisfied are you with the symmetry of the head? Are the eyes or ears lopsided? Is the shaving clean and even? (0-5):
Faris did the furring and airbrushing.
The ears kind of hang a little low and are a very bright pink. It’s a double-edged sword here because on one hand I dislike it, but on the other hand it does give the mask some character. Other than this, the head looks great and it’s the first head I’ve had where there was no noticeable unevenness in the shaving on the muzzle.

-How satisfied are you with the expression and overall appearance of the head? (0-5):
The head looks great. It’s the first tiger I’ve ever actually liked. The stripes aren’t fake looking (because none of them are straight). There’s yellows and greys, it’s not straight black and white. The ears look a little too pink but compared to the rest of it, it’s negligible. The mask has a definite character/look/feel to it. I’m more of a dog person so for me to like a feline suit was something new.


Hands and Feet

-How satisfied are you with the fit of the hands and feet? Will your wrists/ankles show is you stretch too much? Do they stay on your hands or do they slide off? (0-5):
The grey outlining the pads of the paws (seen here) didn’t seem as clean as the grey outlines everywhere else. There’s only 4 fingers, which is just a personal disliking of mine, and the stripes on the hands/arms seemed very sloppily done.
But in the maker’s defense, there aren’t many stripes on the ends of the feet of a tiger anyway.
Also worth noting is that I did commission a pair of 5 fingered paws later, and they turned out fine.

-How satisfied are you with the quality of the hands and feet? Has anything come undone or fallen apart? (0-5):
Four fingered paws aren’t really my thing, but they’ve not fallen apart and they don’t seem to be fragile.


Product Satisfaction

-How satisfied are you with how closely the suit matched the concept art? (0-5):
N/A, this was a premade.

-How satisfied are you with the consistency of your suit to the makers style? (0-5):
N/A. I had not bought this suit due to their style. Though, I think this suit is “better” than their average turnout (from looking at pictures).

Construction Aspect:
-How satisfied are you with the overall quality? Are all the seams durable? Has anything fallen apart? (0-5):

In terms of Faris’s portion of the suit, it’s better than expected. When it came to the base used and pretty much everything where Crystumes was involved, it left a lot to be desired.

-How satisfied are you with how well everything fits together and matches up? (0-5):
Personal choice, I think there should’ve been more stripes or some more black or grey on the hands/arms. Of course I’m no artist so maybe that has no merit. Also the ears’ pink is too bright, I think. Other than these things (and I’m perfectly okay living with those things) it’s pretty awesome.

-How satisfied are you with how the deadline was met for completion of your project? Were any deadlines missed or was it done early? (0-5):
N/A There was no deadline.

-How satisfied are you with the overall quality of your project? (0-5):
I would’ve been cool with it except for all the weird problems I had with the head originally.

-How satisfied are you with the overall customer service with the maker? (0-5):

-Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, or any comments:
I had very little contact with Faris before I bought this partial, but I had been watching them on FA for a while. When Faris listed this on auction, it had a buy it now price. I bought it immediately and was glad to do business.

I know this review seems extremely biased in favor of Faris, but this is because I do not want to give Faris a bad image. The fursuit is genuinely good except for the base they used. If Crystumes improves their bases, or Faris stops using them, then I feel there would be no or very few negatives for Faris’s suits.

In the interest of full disclosure, the tiger head was originally a moving jaw but was broken in Faris’s ownership. The head was sold openly stating this. The head was sold as static jaw without hiding its history.

It could be said that the broken jaw may have contributed to the misplacement of the upper jaw inside the mask, however I don’t believe this to be the case. Once the upper jaw half was removed, the huge amounts of hot glue residue still mark that it was glued in (perceivably) the wrong place.
Or maybe I just have a weirdly shaped head.
But I’ve never had this issue with any other fursuit heads.

Purchase Process

-How satisfied are you with how easy it was to initially contact the maker for a quote? Did they take an unreasonably long time to respond? (0-5):
I never contacted Crystumes.
I contacted Faris several times and they were always eager to help, even when I was expressing displeasure and talking about breaking pieces of it (like the upper jaw). At one time I asked for help on how to make the ears less droopy and they tried to walk me through it. I ended up liking the droopy ears as-is.
On top of this partial I bought from Faris, I also ordered a set of 5 fingered paws and some feet pads. I have not worn or had those enough to review them, but so far Faris has very good customer service and I would work with them again… Provided they were not using another Crystumes base.

-How satisfied are you with the response time from the maker? (0-5):
Faris responds almost immediately via FA notes or email.

-How satisfied are you with the level of professionalism and friendliness of the maker? Were they pleasant to work with? (0-5):
Faris was extremely friendly and courteous. I’m not sure how I would’ve acted if I was approached with “Hey I want to break part of this fursuit, you should walk me through it.” But Faris definitely handled it extremely well.

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