[YES] Aries the Tiger Fullsuit by Battitude Studios

Maker Information

Battitude Studios Based in California, San Diego.

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)3+ Years

ETA AccuracyNO - the ETA was passed
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Review Date29 May 2021

RelationshipThe maker WAS NOT a friend when the item was purchased, but they ARE a friend now
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Review Information
Twitter: metalliclaws

Prior ExperienceYes, I’ve owned 6 fursuits.

Wear Time30+

Informed Maker of IssuesI had no issues.

Aries the Fullsuit


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $3000 - $4999

Initial Contact: January 2018

Completion/Ship Date: March 2021

Shipping Origin: Local pickup

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

SpeciesName: Tiger

Found in: Felidae(?)

Features: Wings

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactVery easy. I submitted a google form and was contacted with a quote via email.

Maker CommunicationVery satisfied. Despite setbacks on their side that made my commission take longer than expected, Battitude communicated with myself and the rest of the commissioners frequently, which made it much easier to wait. I never felt left in the dark. I was treated very nicely by Jes, and although we ended up becoming friends during the commissioning process, all of the communication about my suit was professional.

Project Completion TimeThis is the only area I’m not fully satisfied with, as 2.5 years is (in my opinion) a very long time to wait for a fursuit to be completed. However, in this specific instance, due to how well communication was kept up with and very understandable setbacks on Battitude’s side keeping them from regular work for a period of about 1 year, I am still satisfied in this case with the project completion time. As well, the pandemic was an understandable setback for many people’s mental health and work ethic. I expect that my original deadline would be easily met had neither of those things happened. I also was very open about not minding a longer wait time at the start of the pandemic, seeing as there were no conventions or meetups happening for the forseeable future, it didn’t feel like my suit needed to be on any sort of timeline for that period. Nonetheless after the personal setbacks were sorted out my suit was completed fairly quickly afterwards over about 4 months.

Overall Project QualityOverall, I’m so glad Battitude chose me to work with. I had a great experience. Although my wait time was long (Originally I was quoted 13 months, but it took more like 26 months, so roughly twice as long), Battitude had some setbacks on their end and was always completely transparent with everyone. There was sometimes periods of time with not much work done, but Battitude was always communicative and fully transparent with everyone what was happening on their end. I also had my commission added as the last one before their prices raised and in between batches, so I expected to wait the longest of anyone on the queue. My fursuit was barely more than 3000 dollars, and the quality I expected was worth twice that or more, so I have no issue with the wait time. Battitude’s work just continually got better and better while I was on the queue.
During the process of making the fursuit, Battitude was always asking me questions and giving me a firsthand look into the making process. I was given creative choices over almost every aspect of my fursuit, right down to the shape of the sparkles in the eye shines. A lot of love and care was put into Aries’ fursuit. I was also able to take the fursuit, try it on, then bring it back for small modifications to make the bodysuit even more perfectly tailored to me, although we ended up just fixing one small area on the leg and that was all. It fit me almost perfectly right out of the box.
I really appreciate the work Battitude puts into every suit they make and the amount of love and care is obvious. I think Battitude may have been the only maker in the fandom who could have captured my character’s looks and personality just how I imagined her.
I would definitely be interested in commissioning them again in the future!



Wear Satisfaction– The head fits perfectly, is very soft and comfortable. Conforms nicely to my head without being too tight, doesnt slip around at all when moving.
– Ventilation is amazing. The mouth is fully hollowed out, and I breathe fresh air through the mouth while wearing the suit.
– Vision is also amazing. The eyes are large following eyes, and the interior of the following eye is entirely mesh. This suit has the best vision of any fursuit I’ve owned, it even has peripheral vision.

Visual SatisfactionQuality is perfect. Not a hair out of place, no issues with shaving. The interior of the head is fully lined with custom lycra fabric I provided to the maker. There are no visible glue spots inside or outside. The fur is high quality soft push fur. I’m very satisfied with the appearance, I think Battitude captured my character’s looks and personality perfectly. I love her fluffy cheeks and the shape of her head. We agreed to shorten her usual hairstyle into a tuft when I commissioned, and opt for just the nose ring instead of all of her ear piercings when I originally commissioned the suit, and I will add her ear piercings later. All of the markings are correct and symmetrical, as is the sculpting. The nose is pickable and the nose ring is optional and goes in with a magnet. It’s perfect since I don’t always draw her with her nose ring!

One-Piece Body

Wear Satisfaction– The bodysuit is very comfortable and fits me extremely well. It allows for a full range of movement that you would expect from a digitigrade suit with a dropped crotch.
– The quality and durability is extremely high. This suit feels great to wear, not too heavy, durable and fits me nicely. The seams are all very small but well-stitched. So far I haven’t had a popped seam.
– The interior has no lining, which I prefer. There are padding pillows, two which sit on my upper legs, and two on my calves which can be unzipped and removed for cleaning.
– The maker uses washable markers and then washes the suit to get the marks out before giving it to the commissioner, so the suit does not have any marks inside.
– The air flow is good but not amazing, the main thing is that I chose bunny shag/beaver shag for my suit, which has a very dense pile and therefore does not breathe as well as luxury shag. This is not Battitude’s fault though, I knew this when I opted for the length of fur because I really wanted short fur for my character with some long areas on the chest and butt.

Visual Satisfaction– The suit is lovely, symmetrical, and match my design perfectly.
– No areas on the bodysuit are shaved, but varying fur lengths were used to achieve the look my character has of a fluffy chest.
– The material used is extremely high quality and feels super soft. Everybody likes to hug me!!
– I am very, very satisfied with the colors used. The fur colors of my character are hard to find because they are 3 similar shades of gray, so they cant be too different in hue, but if they’re too close they’ll all blend together. Somehow Battitude found exactly the correct colors, and I love how it came out.
– The bodysuit is VERY flattering. I’m not the thinnest person, and the tailoring on the body really flatters how my form looks, and gives me a lot of confidence.
– The bodysuit matches the concept art perfectly. Originally we agreed to not have the wings, but Battitude offered to make and add the wings for free 🙂 They are adorable.


Wear Satisfaction– I am satisfied with how the hands fit me. The gloves are long and come up to my mid-forearm, which makes it easy for the bodysuit to cover any gaps.
– Mobility is very good for how large and chunky the fingers are. I can actually pick things up, turn doorknobs, and open doors. The dexterity is not incredible, but nothing beyond what you’d expect from 4-finger padded handpaws with stuffed pawpads. I love that their size is proportionate to the rest of my suit.
– The durability is great. No popped seams so far, no glue spots, no shaving issues.
– The handpaws are lined on the top only and finished with a lycra edge to cover the raw edge on the cuff.

Visual Satisfaction– I love the way these handpaws look! Battitude captured a marking I was very specific about on my reference sheet: my characters fingers are white half way up the finger, not just on the palm. I know it was a lot of work to add this specific marking because it crosses so many seams, and I appreciate Battitude putting so much love and care into these handpaws to add that marking!
– The shaving is completely even. I don’t notice any areas that have bald patches or anything.
– The fur is the same quality plush fur used on the body, very nice.
– My character has stylized slits instead of visible claws and this effect was achieved on the hands and feet using hard felt. You can’t see or feel the glue if any was used to attach the felt.
They matched perfectly to my concept and I feel like Battitude went above and beyond with my handpaws. I was also consulted about how I wanted to do the hand markings, and given options for the type of fabric (mochi stretch fabric or minky) and shade of pink that would be used on the paw pads.


Wear Satisfaction– Super comfortable! Not too heavy. Movement is great. Her tail is big but not huge, and I didn’t want it to touch the ground but rather be very close. I was delighted and surprised to find that when I tried on Aries, her tail is about 1cm from the floor! It only touched when Im standing still. If I’m walking it doesn’t drag at all. This is great because the underside of the tail is white and I was concerned about it getting dirty.
– Seam are very durable. The tail can be unstuffed from inside of the suit for storage and cleaning. It doesn’t have any straps or armature because it’s connected to the inside of the suit.
The shape of the tail is something I was a little picky about, and Battitude was very communicative and had me send photos of similar tails I liked to get the shape and style correct. It came out exactly as I imagined because of it.

Visual SatisfactionThe stripe order is perfect (her tail markings can be a little confusing). The markings are symmetrical and the correct color. There is no shaving on the tail. The long fur on the bottom of the tail looks lovely, and matches the concept art very nicely.


Wear Satisfaction– The feet fit me great! The feet are done in a new style that Battitude had never done before, a fully plush indoor footpaw with paw pads on the bottom. She gave me the option of trying out this new feetpaw style vs the old one and I agreed. Battitude is local to me, so we met up and I got to try on the prototype and give some feedback on how it felt and how easy it was to wear.
– The footpaw is very high quality, a cute shape, and feels very comfortable. It’s lined with lycra covering an insole in the bottom, and the area around the ankle is stuffed, which makes it very secure.

Visual Satisfaction– The feet are very symmetrical. There is not a left or right foot because the pattern is the same on both sides, which makes putting them on really simple. The feet have the same stylized claw slits the handpaws have.
– The feet are very nicely shaved. Again, the colors used match my character perfectly, and I love how the marking on the back of her heel was done.

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Final CommentsBattitude is a high quality and highly professional maker in the fandom who will put in the work to make sure your character matches your vision perfectly. Their style is lovely and cute, and their suits are very well crafted. I would recommend Battitude to anyone looking to purchase a fursuit, and in fact have recommended them many times to friends.

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