[YES] Max the fullsuit Goat-Dragon by CFStudios

Maker Information

CFStudios (CFSTUDS) Based in California.

Year of Project2021

Completion Time (?)1 - 3 Months

ETA AccuracyYES - the ETA was accurate
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Review Date9 July 2021

RelationshipThe maker is NOT a friend
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Review Information
ReviewerFuraffinity: sergeanthax

Prior ExperienceNo, this is my first fursuit.

Wear Time15

Informed Maker of IssuesYes, head has a tendency to ride up due to the chest puff, the maker suggested using some of the included additional padding to make the head fit a little more snugly.

Max the fullsuit


ProjectThis item was a commission

Paid: A Lump Sum of $5000 and over

Initial Contact: November 2020

Completion/Ship Date: March 2021

Shipping Origin: USA

Type: Fullsuit

Style: Toony

Padding: Digitigrade

SpeciesName: Goat-Dragon

Found in: Euungulata, Reptilia(?)

Features: Horns or Antlers, Hooves

Concept Art

Photos of Completed Product


Initial ContactVery easy, the maker provided a Google form to fill out on their website for a quote. The maker provides several notification channels for slot openings, and once I was selected, we talked through email at first, then usedTelegram. They were very clear and concise on what they needed me to do for every step of the process, and what few questions I had were answered promptly.

Maker CommunicationThe maker was very prompt with communication, and expected the same promptness from me. They started communication with email, but asked to move to Telegram once the project was underway, which I was okay with. The maker was excellent to work with, the tone was very much that of a business relationship, but not cold. They were very responsive to my concerns throughout the process, and were great at finding solutions to the concerns I brought up, as well as answering questions in the run-up to them starting my commission. They were very clear about what the process would look like, and communicated to me constantly along the way. I never felt like I was out of touch with where we were in the process, and they never made excuses or treated it as anything other than a professional relationship.

Project Completion TimeThe project was finished in around 3 months, exactly as they said it would be once they started work on it, so they stuck to their deadline. I waited in a queue for about two months before work began on my suit, though they were clear to me that I would be in a queue for a bit. This was fine, because it gave me time to get my DTD and measurements done for them so that everything would be ready for them to start when they got to my slot. Once it was shipped out, I received the suit in a few days, and was provided a tracking number. I was presented several options for shipping with multiple carriers, though I opted for USPS since it was the cheapest option.

Overall Project QualityOverall, I'm over the moon with how this suit turned out. It has really exceeded every expectation I had for a suit, and I couldn't have asked for a better-looking suit. The maker did an excellent job of bringing Max into their style without erasing Max's essence. All of the pieces come together flawlessly and seamlessly to make a whole that is far better than the sum of its parts. Like everything, it has it's minor quibbles, but none of that makes the suit anything less than a joy to wear. I keep watching for my next opportunity to go out suiting again!



Wear SatisfactionOverall, I'm very happy with how the head feels on. The fit of the head is pretty good, it's snug without being too tight. It doesn't bind or poke me anywhere, and is all around as comfortable to wear as I'd expect a head to be. The inside is lined with what looks to be spandex or lycra, so it would be reasonably comfortable to wear without an undergarment (though I always wear a balaclava with mine for cleanliness anyways). Ventilation is decent through the eyeholes and mouth, and vision is okay, though when worn with the chest puff it is difficult to look down, as the head bumps against the chest puff (though this is somewhat unsurprising) and there are significant blind spots to the sides and below.

Visual SatisfactionVisually, I think the head looks awesome. Everything looks perfectly symmetrical, and the shaving is uniform across the head. The fur feels soft and pliable, and brushes out easily (using a comb for the longer fur on the bottom hem of the head). I'm ecstatic about the expression, Max looks so friendly in their default state, and with the removable eyebrows and adjustable tongue, they can be made to give a good variety of expressions (happy, sad, sleepy, angry, goofy, etc.). The follow-me eyes work pretty well too, and have a good range for the following effect. It really does do a good job of matching the concept art, the maker did a phenomenal job translating Max into their toony style without erasing what made Max, well, Max. I couldn't be more happy with how the head looks from the outside.

One-Piece Body

Wear SatisfactionWearing the bodysuit is quite pleasant. The fit is absolutely perfect, snug enough to not have any bagginess or sagging anywhere, but roomy enough that I don't feel constricted moving around. The digi legs, especially, are surprisingly flexible, and though they do make certain movements more difficult (like crouching), I can still move in just about any way I'd want to. The biggest restriction to movement in that suit is the fact that it's a drop-crotch, so walking is slightly hampered, but not obtrusively so. The suit feels durable on, which is good because it can be a little difficult to climb into due to all of the padding around my legs, making it more difficult to get the lower half on. I don't feel like I have to be especially careful pulling the suit on, nor do I feel like one wrong movement will pop a seam. The interior of the legs and feet are lined with the same spandex/lycra material because of the pouches which contain the removable stuffing in the digi legs, but the top half of the bodysuit is not lined. There are grease pencil marks on the inside, but these are not visible at all from the outside, and as the maker said they would, have already begun to fade. Airflow seems decent for the kind of bodysuit it is. Naturally, the bottom half gets warm fairly quickly and doesn't breathe at all due to the copious amounts of stuffing, but the top half is not terrible in terms of cooling (I can feel a strong breeze through the top half, for example).

Visual SatisfactionLike the head, I am incredibly pleased with the look of the suit. Everything is where it's supposed to be and is symmetrical, and the shaving is even all around, transitioning nicely from longer fur spots to shorter fur spots. Like the head, the fur is soft and pliable to the touch, and brushes out with ease. The colors are a pretty close match to Max, and the padding in it creates the perfect shape that gives Max a slightly feminine figure, and does an excellent job of creating the digi leg illusion. Seriously, I'm amazed at how good the digi legs look on, I think few makers manage to make digi legs look this 'real'. It perfectly matches the reference art, save for the fact that one of Max's markings (the stripe down their back) was forced to be removed due to the available color choices. The maker did present an option which would've allowed the marking to remain, but I chose the color options which necessitated the removal of the marking in question.


Wear SatisfactionThe fit of the hands is good, though I think it could be better. They're comfortable to wear, and when worn correctly they won't show your wrists, but the fingers are huge on them. There's almost no dexterity in them, especially since the inside is completely hollow, so there's a huge cavity in each of the fingers that makes articulating the hands difficult. As a part of the full suit, I can't put them on by myself either. They're supposed to be worn with the hands tucked into the cuffs of the suit, but I lack the manual dexterity when wearing them to do both hands by myself. Worn as a partial, though, there's no issue putting both hands on, though I suspect they may have some trouble staying on as a partial, since the sleeves on the fullsuit do a good job of holding them in place when worn correctly. All that said, the quality seems pretty good on them, they look really cute and feel durable, even the little claws on the end of it. There's been no sign of wear and tear on the hands so far, even on the vinyl claws. The interior of these hands are actually lined with the same spandex/lycra material as the rest of the suit, so they feel nice without a underlayer and would be reasonably easy to keep clean.

Visual SatisfactionVisually, they're quite pleasing. Everything seems to be in the right place, and they match the character as well as could be expected. The maker made it clear before I commissioned the suit that they didn't do more realistic hands which would have suited the reference material better, though I think the paws look great with the toony style of the rest of the suit. The colors and pawpads do at least match Max's ref pretty well. Shaving is uniform, and the fur feels nice and soft like the rest of the suit does. The pawpads are covered in minky fur, and the claws are vinyl. I like how they look and feel, and the claws seem relatively durable.


Wear SatisfactionThe tail is reasonably comfortable to wear. It doesn't generally affect my movement, but it is long enough that I have to be careful when I step backwards that I don't trip on it. It's easy to put on, as it just zips seamlessly to the fullsuit when worn as a part of the fullsuit, or through a belt if worn as a partial. It feels pretty durable, and given that I've stepped on it and pulled at it a few times by accident with no harm to it, it seems to be fairly sturdy. It's pretty secure on the fullsuit, though I wouldn't worry about it being pulled off even as a partial. The stuffing seems to be fine, and is removable through a hidden zipper to be restuffed and/or washed.

Visual SatisfactionVisually, I think the tail is pretty much spot-on for what I was looking for. It is maybe a tad longer than what I was originally looking for (as I asked for as long as possible without touching the ground), as the tuft fur on the end does drag on the ground, but I'm not really put off by that. It's not enough fur that it will start showing dirt quickly (which was my big concern). As with the rest of the pieces, the shaving is well-done, even all around and transitioned well to the long fur at the end of the tail. The fur is soft and pliable, and brushes/combs easily. The materials look and feel good to me, and the tail works pretty well. It mostly stays out of my way, and doesn't threaten to whack other people accidentally, which is what I hoped for in a tail. It matches the concept art as well as the restrictions I put on the maker would allow (since I limited the length of the tail), so I'm quite pleased with how it looks.


Wear SatisfactionThe feet fit pretty well, either as a part of the fullsuit or separated from the suit and worn as a partial. Both the indoor and outdoor feet fit well, and don't meaningfully hamper my movement, and don't feel like they will come off easily, since they're more like a boot when worn as a partial. They also attach seamlessly, and relatively painlessly, to the fullsuit though a zipper on the top of the feet. I do like the feel of the indoor feet better than the outdoor feet, and the indoor feet are easier to put on, since it can be difficult to get my foot into the shoe that the outdoor feet are built around. Like the rest of the suit, they feel pretty durable on, and I don't worry about popping seams or otherwise messing them up from moving wrong, though I'm unsure about how long the bottoms of the outdoor feet will last, as the felt lining around the edge of the bottom sole is already showing some signs of wear. The interior of the feet are lined with the same spandex/lycra material as the rest of the suit, due to the removable padding in the foot, so it should be reasonably easy to clean.

Visual SatisfactionVisually, I think the feet look good, especially the indoor feet. I love the little hoof design sewed onto the bottom of the sock feet, it's adorable. As with the rest of the suit, the shaving is well-done and of the appropriate length, transitioning nicely between the long fur on the hock to the shorter fur on the front. Like the rest of the suit, the fur is soft and pliable, and brushes or combs out easily. Colors are good like the rest of the suit, and the indoor feet have hoof and dewclaw patterns sewn onto the bottom of the foot. They match the concept art as well as can be expected from a fursuit, so I'm very happy with how they turned out.

Special FeaturesMy suit has detachable eyebrows as well as adjustable tongue. These work pretty well, and I wouldn't be afraid to lose them while they're attached, the tongue especially. They just attach to the head with velcro, so they're pretty easy to put on/move around, though it would be difficult to put them on correctly while wearing the head without the use of a mirror (for obvious reasons). I like using them, they give the head a much wider range of expression than would otherwise be possible. The suit also has a chest-puff which is worn around the neck to give a much fluffier ring of fur around the head's neck. It's pretty easy to wear, though it has to be put on before the head and makes putting the head on a little more difficult, since the head's hood has to go through the inside of the chest puff. It seems durable and as high-quality as the rest of the suit, though it does hamper my ability to look down, since the head will bump into it.

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Final CommentsI would recommend anyone commission CFStudios in a heartbeat. Their suits are not the cheapest for sure, but I think it was worth every penny I paid for it. I have worked with few independent makers/artists who were as professional and pleasant to work with as them. I would be hard-pressed to justify getting a suit from anyone else at this point, my experience with them has been so positive. If you're in the market for a toony suit, I don't think they can be beat.

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